March 14th, 2006



blueroo made me chuckle with the geekness...

I wrote this on Usenet back in 2002. OMG...

No longer shall FreeBSD serve my packets
No processes forking for me
Get out while you can, while your trees can still span
This is the end of the FreeBSD racket

Though Postfix does not even yet know it
The network, FreeBSD will not show it
Though snort will write logs, and Apache serve blogs
FreeBSD really knows how to blow it

So shed a tear for network stability
And find a new job while you can
If you really need me, in the server room I'll be
Gnashing teeth at the install of XP
runaway wolf

In a post about haircuts...

I posted about my new haircut which started a small conversation in my journal between some folks. One of these people has let her once short hair grow out, to which lyric_splat replied here:

"Kara showed me a photo of you once with short hair - why on earth would you want to grow it out long?! I mean, besides short hair being awesome, don't you know that every time a chick grows her hair out God kills a decent tv series aired by FOX?"

How true.
Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

ladybretagne and fannore and higher education experiences

Scene: kyttenfae and I sitting on the couch, eating classic yellow Peeps, while at least pretending to think about studying for our Am. Lit. midterm.

Me: *picks up Peep* This Peep, this is Whitman.
Jenn: *nods and looks at me oddly*
Me: *viciously nibbles off eyes of Peep, then nose, then ravenously chomps off entire Peep!head, saying in death-throw voice* Oh... Captain... my... Cap... taaaaaaiiinnn...

Well ya know, I thought it was funny. But then, I loathe Whitman with a fiery hatred heretofore unbeknownst to man. Seriously, how much the English hate the French? How much the Poles hated the Russians? How much Hitler hated the Jews? How much Edward II hated red-hot pokers? NOTHING on my hatred of Whitman.

- protected entry in the former's

There can be only one!

slodwick has a thought concerning American Idol:
I almost hate this show now, because they're getting down to all my favorites, and it sucks because eventually, just like Highlander, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE. (Though, it would be kinda cool if each contestant voted off got decapitated. That'd sure inspire some kickass performances each week.)
animal crossing

That's why the lady is... in need of therapy

mattsachs gives us a truly magnificent interpretation of The Lady Is A Tramp in reformat_songs here (QWP, and I advise you to read the whole thing!).
Lady seemed to view herself through a neo-behavioralist lens, and attempted to leverage this paradigm to assert control over her situation. She would often attempt to defer meals until excessively late hours, although these control attempts were never successfully realized due to her inability to stave off her hunger. Peculiarly, she was unusually consistent in her failures; she routinely ate dinner at exactly 7:55 in the evening. This led us to suspect a possible anorexia nervosa (restricting type) in conjunction with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Her consistent timeliness at cultural events -- she was a regular patron of the theatre -- reinforced this notion...

...We have had some preliminary success in exposing her to fast food sprayed with a solution which will cause it to induce greater than normal levels of nausea when consumed, and we have instructed her to bring gradually larger amounts of cash with her on her visits to our office.

And the academic references are a hoot.
Drew happy

(no subject)

Over here, ursulav is contemplating the loss of certain wildlife when she moves into her new house and the following thread ensues:

ursulav: A few of you have suggested that the Defective Wildlife Vortex may be something I'll carry with me. I guess we'll find out...

particle_person: That would make it an Advective Defective Wildlife Vortex.

momentrabbit: If she tells us how fast she drives to the new place on the day of the move, we'll have the Advective Defective Wildlife Vortex Vector.

(anonymous): Start a betting pool. Whoever guesses the correct speed will be the Advective Defective Wildlife Vortex Vector Victor.
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With sharp wit and sharper criticism, wheeler skewers the conclusions of a 60 minutes article on sexual orientation studies.

I've been reading this 60 Minutes article on sexual orientation studies, which starts with a piece on two 9-year-old twins, one of whom plays with GI Joes and likes camouflage decor, while the other likes Bratz dolls and nail polish. The latter child is a childhood gender nonconformist, we're told, and is likely to grow up gay.

But the other kid likes camo and GI Joes! He plays with guns! He likes Marines! He likes fire trucks! He's me!

[snip! Go read the whole thing. Yes, now.]

The little boy who wants to play with Bratz dolls and wear nail varnish? He's transgender.

The little boy who wants to be a Marine and ride a fire truck? He's the gay kid.

Or maybe they're both straight. Let's hope society gives them all the options.
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Oh Is That Right?

Mod Hat On.

Folks, the mods have deleted two unoriginal quotes from the comm in the space of two hours. This leads me to believe that we have some new folks here (hi, new folks) who have not read the rules (tsk tsk).

Please read the comm info before posting. Quoting someone quoting someone else in their journal is not a metaquote. The purpose of this comm is not to provide somewhere for you to post funny email forwards that have finally made their tired, limping and sad little way onto LJ. It is not a place to post quotes from professional writers or newspapers or whatever that someone has seen fit to post in their LJ. If it were, I have a whole mess of John Adams quotes that are a hell of a lot more interesting than seeing Yet Another Email forward regurgitated here like a momma AOL bird feeding her little internet babies. It's not.

In short, if it is not original to the poster you are quoting, do not post it here.

Please don't make me repeat this in much larger type.

Because I will.

Thank you.

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From ironpuncher2, here. QWP.

I have pretty broad shoulders, so I can usually get away with having my hips and butt... well, ghetto. But last night I says to myself, I says, "I should try to slim down a little for prom. Just a bit."

...and then today I ate a quarter of a pie.

Seriously, if I was ever entrusted with national security information, America would be fucked.

Especially if our enemies had cake.