March 12th, 2006

Saiyuki ★ chasing the sun

Mmm, aids.

callie_chan and I were having an RP discussion about children. It reminded her of this post.

Arien: You want a kid?
Arien: I thought a kid was just an unfortunate thing that happens to people, and they spend the rest of their lives trying to get rid of it until it eventually kills them. Like AIDS.

I feel this explains a lot about his mindset.

I love then random things she remembers. ♥
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Posted by trapezzoid in his journal here, wherein he had a few choice things to say about Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin probably got his super suave lines from Space Romance Novels, the covers of which were graced with the manly image of Space Fabio, who, coincidentally, fathered one child: Han Solo.
Anakin's repressed homosexuality should've been more directly aknowledged in the films. As my sister pointed out, he built himself a
golden British man, for crying out loud.

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oooh THATS the gay agenda

QWP from hedgegoth...

Anyways, I've finally realized the devious intelligence behind bugs bunny.

Bugs Bunny is liberal hollywood's method to indoctrinate our precious children in gay acceptance. I mean, could Bugs and Elmer be any more gay? Elmer is clearly in denial and attempting to squelch his more feminine side by out-machoing everyone. His shotgun is clearly a phallic symbol. Bugs is of course more at home with his sexuality and is constantly trying to make Elmer accept his love for the male gender.

It all makes sense! I'm sure it's in the gay agenda. Saturday at 9am!

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