March 9th, 2006

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Woes of a Catholic anime junkie.

westmarked bemoans the slowness of the postal service. While I've been there (only got a DVD burner last Christmas myself), it's the last two sentences that make the entry gold.

So, after having my DVD burner arrive Monday, and be installed on Tuesday, I get the notice that today the DVD-R's I ordered with the burner are finally being shipped, after a five day delay. I find this aggravating to no end, since it keeps me from getting the anime I have off my computer, so I can then download more anime for my viewing pleasure while still having the old set on reserve should I want it. Because I simply can't live without my Bleach archives.

In other news, we are now a week into Lent, a time to meditate on the sacrifice of Christ and distance ourselves from worldly desires and pursuits.

I think I need a do-over.

Quoted more or less in its entirety.

Couldn't pick which part to quote, really

misia is not having a Good Day. She wrote several very quotable memos in a single entry; space limitations mean that I could only pick one to quote:
Book characters, y'all need to just STOP with the being so damn balky. I'm not going through 8 hours of work for 1400 words again today, you giant-economy-sized batch of fictional jackasses, so shape up or I'm replacing the lot of you with spare household help from C19th English novels and disused character actor roles from The Andy Griffith Show.
The whole thing is very-well done. Go forth and enjoy her high-quality phrasing.
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From my S.O., gremlinkin

(Yes, I have his permission. Well, not really, but he'll see it when he gets home from work! I don't want to call him to ask him something when I all ready know the answer... Which would be to go ahead. lol.)

"Have you ever seen the movie scanners, where that guy could make people's heads explode just by thinking about it? I want that power, except I can't really aim it. Cause that would just be funny to have someone piss me off and some random person who happens to be walking bys head just happens to explode. Or some old lady watching tv in her apartment's head just pops like a zit."

From this post here...

Comic - Ami/Makoto: !!

I believe in a FUNCTIONAL interdimensional transport kthnx

So reservoir has been playing through Kingdom Hearts the last few days.

chibikaijuu: My brother makes fun of me because I can't figure out the Gummi ship editing crap, but I don't really care, I just want the damned thing to get me from world to world.
reservoir: Oh, pfft, no one cares about the gummi ship stuff.
chibikaijuu: Except my brother, who thinks it somehow makes him cool.
reservoir: It's completely pointless shit they added on to make you have to collect more crap
chibikaijuu: ...
reservoir:'s totally stupid.
reservoir: Like, seriously, NO ONE cares about the gummi ship battles.
chibikaijuu: Yes, well. I love my brother, but he's...he's the kind of person I hate on the internet.

~ QWP from this (locked) post.


From madkrazyghetto's post here:

How exactly am I supposed to shake it: like a salt shaker, or like a polaroid picture? Is either method of shaking applicable to the shaking of my laffy-taffy? And what is my laffy-taffy? Is it similar to my humps, or my milkshake (to bring it back to the shaking thing)? And if I shake any of the above, am I a hollaback girl?

Remember when songs were straightforward? "Back That Ass Up". There's no room for interpretation there. Juvenile wanted you to back that ass up, and that was all there was to it. I miss that.


From itsbuttery's post here:

I am a man. I am macho. I have testosterone. I am not allowed to cry out in glee.

But goddamn, one of my online friends just hit me up with downloadable copies of EVERY EPISODE OF SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK. I am in a ridiculous amount of ecstacy from nostalgia here.

BRB. Need some Conjunction Junction.
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Always open with a joke.

scribe_of_stars weighs in on the Dubai port deal's implosion. He gets more serious and analytical later on, and it's worth a read, but he opens with:

Thanks to this (and to state the obvious), we can see that the President is now a lame duck in domestic (Social Security reform, anyone?) and foreign policy, the Republicans are on the defensive and in disarray as they try to ditch their 34%-approval-rating poster boy in time for the November elections, and the Democrats? The Democrats are breakdancing in the halls of the Capitol to celebrate their good fortune. The latest reports have it that Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) has reinvented the filibuster by doing the Robot for 29 hours straight. And counting. Unconfirmed rumors whisper of glowsticks.
Shake Djibouti

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briarose333 in response to the news that i am a Relay for Life captain:

Oh dear lord. Anything but the captain.
"Hey, you guys, it's the day before the meeting, and we kind of forgot to raise any money. So, here's the drill. I've got scalpels, and we're in a rich neighborhood. Now, to prevent me from being responsible, I can't actually tell you what to do, but let's just say these bourgoise pigs could use a little stickling, eh comrades?"
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