March 8th, 2006

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Jesus or Superman?

In an entry at customers_suck, the following exchange took place.

dv8nation says:
I've got an answer ready for the next guy who asks me if I've accepted Jesus as my personal savior.

"Actually I accepted Superman as my personal savior a few years ago. Because when I need saving I want someone who's bulletproof and super strong to do it."

catmcroy replies:
*adds that to arsenal of snarky comebacks*

The one I use a lot is, "Have you found Jesus?"
"You mean he's still lost?/Yeah, he's in my fridge/I dunno - he's not my god and I can't understand why you guys keep losing him."
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I thought casting Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut in X3 sounded like a brilliant idea...until I saw what they did for his costume. He doesn't look like Juggernaut, he looks like a fuckin' soccer hooligan in bondage gear with fake novelty abs, if you look really close I think the "helmet" says Corningware.
--fmh, QWP from a flocked entry.
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How convenient...

(QWP.) In fanficrants, magic in Harry Potter's world is compared to science in the real world, and its limitations are discussed. chibikaijuu makes this astute observation:

    But so far as we know, the only things magic can't do are bring back the dead, fix a damaged mind, or, apparently, create a decent long-distance communication method.

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"despite the reality TV crackdown promised by BBC executive Mark Thomson, the weeknight listings are invariably clogged with wall-to-wall Divorce My Badly-Behaved Pet's Garden Decking Weight Loss Challenge" - joysilence here, on the perils of British television at the moment.
illiad spoiler // kateshort

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adellyna has her priorities straight.

"I just found The Sims 2 and I'm about to install it on crackerbob's laptop so that I can play it and not throw up. I don't care how much space it takes up because HE installed his SPERM into my UTERUS and that's taking up more room than I would prefer.


QWP, though the post is locked.

Rocket Science?

"DJing isn't rocket science...

Of course it isn't. Most rocket scientists I've met don't have anywhere near the depth of musical knowledge, the sense of rhythm, and the subtle social instincts to make a decent DJ. DJing, of course, also involves much less use of differential equations." -- gleef here

Note: The person quoted hopes that not too many rocket scientists are upset by this.

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ellen_fremedon on listening to your body:

This whole listening to one's body business is so much easier some weeks of the month.

Tonight, for instance, I said to myself, "Self, why don't we go home and make another round of that nice lentil curry." And a little voice from somewhere proximal to my right ovary piped up loud and clear and said "BITCH, YOU ARE GOING TO TAKE ME HOME RIGHT NOW AND FEED ME RARE STEAK, VANILLA PUDDING, AND 400 MG OF A FINE VINTAGE IBUPROFEN OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL MAKE YOU PAY."