March 7th, 2006

Busy like everyone else

Her loins! Her loins! Her loins are on FIRE!!

The italics is where I nearly choked with laughter.

I had taped Monty Python's Personal Best off of PBS and was watching the Terry Gilliam episode. But for some truly bizarre reason, his cartoons made me so horny I thought my crotch was going to catch fire right there on the couch. Which would've TOTALLY ruined my gown I was working on. I finally fixed that problem with the back yoke and have attached the left sleeve. I was going to start working on the right, but like I said, I was so horny I had to quit before my nether regions became en fuego grande.

Friends only post, QWP

Snakeman, Fighting Crime!

In this entry (QWP), khukuri's morning routine is interrupted by the sudden discovery of an AWOL Vorpal Olive Python +2: cursed, berserking.

After the smoke clears and the (hilarious) comments have come rolling in, one resoundingly positive application for unexpected, savage snake attacks becomes evident. khukuri points out:

Snake-taught Learning Experiences seem to be very effective. They should be recruited for daily life.

"There's no-one around, let's break into this carOH GOD GET IT OFF"

"By shoplifting, I fight against the manSWEET JESUS SNAKE ON MY FACE"

"It's just a dog, who cares if I kick itAIIIE SNAKES PARACHUTING DOWN HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK"

More effective than Batman!

Read all the comments. It was SO hard to pick just one golden moment.

God, I love my hobby.
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AD // Chicken Bluths

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dryope's brilliant conclusion to her Oscar rant:

So the way I see it, saying that it beat Brokeback Mountain, because the latter didn't fit with Hollywood's perfect pink-ish world of roses, children and the happiestest place on earth, is a bit like saying that Jamie Foxx beat Don Cheadle last year, because Cheadle is black.

The rest of the rant can be found in this post.

ETA: I didn't realize it was friends-locked. This was QWP.
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deelieboppers sharpened

Perception is the rule...

Now, to be excruciatingly clear: I'm not saying her reaction was wrong. Just because my reaction to her saying "Take me! Take me!" would have been "Sorry, I have a meeting" doesn't mean that there isn't a slavering maniac hanging around some other elevator.

(badmagic writing about accidentally terrifying someone in an elevator, and how in certain ways one must always prove one's not the worst case scenario.)
Disapproval Face
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See, children obsess over their interests. That's what they do. The difference between the fifty year old Trekkie who has decorated his home with Star Trek models, goes to every Star Trek con, writes theories about how the Star Trek universe IS OUT THERE, owns every piece of Star Trek merchandise, and wears his Star Trek costume every single day in public and the fifty year old guy who enjoys watching old Star Trek episodes after dinner is that the latter grew up and became an adult.

ashi_moto, from this.

Cheetos au naturel

merle_ rants about the new Cheetos:

Gaack. I have just tasted Cheetos Natural. I almost threw up.

Think about Cheetos. What comes to mind? Three things pop into my head:

  • bright glow-in-the-dark orange, so intense it can repel insects

  • absolutely no natural ingredients: the foil-lined wrapper is closer to nature than the contents

  • infinite shelf and table life: set one of these suckers down and even rain will try to evade it
So what does the "Natural" version promise?
  • no artificial colours

  • no artificial ingredients

  • no preservatives

What? These are not "Cheetos". I do not know what they are, but the same company cannot be making them. It is like going into the Apple store, buying a Mac, coming home, opening the box, and finding a kangaroo inside. It's just wrong. "Yes, ma'am, we do make computers, but we also make kangaroos, two-litre bottles, lichen, hope, and credit cards."

Original post is seen here. And yes, it's been quoted with permission. xD

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What studio recording is really like

cadhla writes about recording her first studio album:
Lesson four about recording: it takes longer to record drums than it does to set them up or mic them, which means that evolution actually happened in the Aegean Sea while we did take after take after take. Our new cephalopod overlords had better enjoy filk music, or I'm in trouble.
The whole entry is fun, and it's here.
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real genius poster

RE: Fw: Fw: Fw:

It would seem that badblowjob does not care for all the cute ,sappy , inspirational type emails that someone (usually a clueless family member in my experience) always has to forward to everyone in their address book... QWP, even though it is open from here Post in it's entirety (as it is short)

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Brushes by nil-nyx

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This is my first metaquote so I really hope I'm doing this correctly.

Although the Oscars were two days ago, this is still funny. No more context than that is necessary.

Sooo... I was extremely sick today...and last night. I slept for 20 minutes at a time, waking up to vomit...basically nothing by 4 AM. It was not fun. I'm pretty sure the vomiting was induced by either a) The stomach virus going around my dad's house this weekend or b) Crash winning Best Picture over Brokeback.

QWP from caitylady88's F-locked post.
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"Ron was right, Draco had excellent taste."

And that, kids, is an example of a sentence that is WRONG. It's like pi, you could run it through a computer forever, and it would keep coming up with new reasons it was wrong, but it would never manage to calculate all of them.

-sandtree effectively summarizes Sueness.