March 6th, 2006

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LiveBlogging the Oscars with neosquirrel

Just like he did for the Super Bowl, my roommate neosquirrel blogged while we watched the Oscars. (That is to say, he did all the typing, but I'm including our LJ names because I just think it looks better that way.) This is our take on Sandra Bullock's dress:

trishalynn: I don't know what to think of her neckline on her dress.
neosquirrel: Neckline? There's nothing on her neck! It's more like... a chest-line!
deltagrl: Well, if you wore that dress I told you, you'd understand better!

Read the rest here.
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wilwheaton blogs about the Oscars here.

"On the subject of montages: putting The Day After Tomorrow in with movies like All the President's Men, Network, and Schindler's List? Are you serious? I hope someone got seriously laid, like eleven times, for including that. Otherwise, what the hell?"
Rathenar, Lich

Drug clampdowns, a grass-roots view from lonescorpion

The police are trying to clean up this town at the moment. Unfortunately, not everyone wants them to:

To the Cambridge police: People who are high on ecstasy are the LOVELIEST people on Earth and it is a pleasure to serve them since all they ask for is mineral water. When you crack down on drug use in our club on techno nights, everyone is forced to drink beer, and everyone becomes a complete and total wanker, and we hate serving them. Us bartenders respectfully request that you stop cracking down on drug use so that our job becomes that much easier.

(Context: lonescorpion works the bar in a club in Cambridge, UK. QWP from this lengthy, profane and in places hilarious rant about some of the people he's had to deal with lately.)

rent movie

Written by, directed by, and starring Anthony Rapp, of course.

shawk speculating what "Rentheads," a Rent version of "Trekkies" might be like:

"A lot of fans ask me to do the 'Tango' pose..." ::montage of Anthony doing the pose 13,459 times:: "Sometimes they ask me to sing with them..." ::cue cringeworthy video:: "...or say 'speaaaak' into their cell phones for their voice mail messages." ::cue more cringeworthy video::

- filtered entry in my LJ

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I asked permission last night, but haven't heard back. Since it's posted in a community, I thought it would probably be ok. Let me know if it's not, and I'll remove it.

sparkindarkness has interesting advice for clients.

You INSTRUCT a lawyer. A lawyer may only ADVISE. As such, I cannot say “NO YOU MUPPET!” and slap a client across the face with a wet haddock. This is unfortunate. Most clients would benefit from some well applied haddock battering to protect them against the need for future quality time spent with the Hounds.

Post can be found here.

Honestly, the whole thing is worth a read.
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Yet another Academy Awards post

In a f-locked post, bigbear4xl has this to say about the Oscars:

What would have made this year's Oscars the greatest ever? What could possibly have elevated it beyond the realm of entertainment and directly into that stratospheric kingdom of god-like performance?

If Mickey Rooney had leaped onstage during "It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp", ripped off his tux to reveal a Missy Elliot track suit made out of Hefty bags, a black felt Kangol hat, and a huge bling--say, a massive titanium and diamond-encrusted Flava Flav clock--and had a crunked-up rap solo, then did some old school break dancing, twirling on his head exiting stage right.

That would have made everything so much better.

EDIT: Here's the link, if you really want. But it's still locked. :-p

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atomicfiction about the Oscars:

"Sometimes I get annoyed when shitty movies win the Oscars that year (does anyone here remember the colossal mistake of awarding 'Gladiator' best picture?), but then I look at the historical precedence that the Oscars have set for critical miscalculations. 'Taxi Driver' losing to 'Rocky'*. 'Raging Bull' losing to 'Ordinary People'. 'E.T' being nominated, period, while Citizen Kane, 2001, and Rear Window were not. Someone said that the Oscars have gotten especially shitty in the past ten years - all I can say is no, they pretty much always sucked. I'm starting my own award show, the Felixes. I'm short, bald, and I'm sure if you cover me in gold body paint I can be just as much fun.

*This is without a doubt the most depressing sentence I have ever seen in my life, in retrospect."
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Dramatic Shadow Generator

... I do wonder how he manages to be in so much shadow when he's standing just outside the White House, in broad daylight - but then, he is Nick Fury. He probably has a SHIELD-issue Dramatic Shadow Generator.

by wal_lace, in scans_daily, context

But I think it's funny even if you don't know Nick Fury and the SHIELD. Come on, lots of people seem to amways have the dramatic lighting on...
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How I Won't Spend My Spring Break

From ladyfalcon, here. Context is how her college's spring break is out of synch with her friends' schools.

...(S)o my break is probably going to be pretty lonely, what with everyone else already being back at school. I suppose I could look at it as an opportunity to get some work done, but I've lived with myself for 20 years now and can no longer be fooled by my lies.

In Soviet Russia…

leiacat, who was born and briefly (~10 years) raised in Minsk, former USSR (now Belarus), had the following to say regarding the discovery that coporal punishment (via spanking) is still an institution in public schools in America:

In schools? *boggle* They do that here? That is bloody barbaric!

I may have grown up in an opressive totalitarian regime, but at least we were civilized.