March 5th, 2006


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In which bpcslave enlightens us on the scientific community of the future:

What if there were a

"In the important papers [VN] and [HvN], von Neumann and Halmos classified all
classical ergodic systems for which the Koopman operator has purely discrete spectrum.
The main result of their analysis is that such systems are classified by the spectrum,
which forms a discrete subgroup of U(1), and each such a system is conjugate to a shift
on a compact abelian group, the Pontriagin dual of the spectrum. Here, and throughout
the paper, U(1) is the group of complex numbers with absolute value 1 and discrete
topology. Also, Professor Falstaff is really being mean to me, he said that Dr Reid
will never go out with me. I feel so lonely. Ok, LEAVING 4EVA NOW."

There's a gem in the comments, too:

tyoko says: professor falstaff is lamer cos he dont put me on his citationlist but dont care cos i never wanted to be cited by him anyway and im going to get all my citationlist to uncite him

Evil laugh

"Nooooo! That's impossible!"

maeve77 has this quibble with the movie version of Rent:

Horribly, the casting choice for Roger looked way too much like Mark Hammill to me. Mark Hammill in a leather jacket and a girlie haircut. The voice was okay, the face was all wrong.
So here I am watching this movie. This movie whose original musical I have completely memorized, the musical that I stood in the rain in the no-show line and paid $75 to see in New York City. This movie that should be a nearly religious experience for me. And all I can think about is that Roger is about to say that he was going to Tashi Station to pick up some power converters.
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This will be funny to maybe five people. Taken from a Beast Wars slash skibble here by tarajcl.

In some small, fetid corner of the nexus, there was probably an outpost full of lonely and pedantically morose Quintessons, diplomatically set on deciding who was next on top by means of a weekly ballot.

For reference, these are Quintessons.
Ninja Troll


oprcntangl on icon theft:

"For the record, posting your icons on the internet and complaining about them being stolen is the equivalent of leaving $20 on the table at McDonald's and getting mad when someone swipes that.

Wait, no, it's not even that because you still have the fucking icon, don't you? Then it's the equivalent of leaving $20 on the table at McD's, then complaing because someone made a copy of your $20, put the $20 back where they found it, and then showed everyone the copy of the $20 bill."

QWP from a comment to a locked post here.

The referenced post and hilarious "Open letter to icon stealers" in _we_steal_icons blasting the community for being a bunch of thieving meanies the OP "hopes all get caught" has been deleted, but you can read it and the backstory in a stupid_free post here.

Because it had to be shared.

My extremely well-read friend Takhys finds something unexpected in her fresh fruit. QWP. And yes, had she been a sailor in Nelson's navy, this would merely have been a little proteinaceous bonus.

Takhys: Mmm, banana. So full of potassium-y goodness and joy. *peels the banana and spots a funny brownish spot*
Takhys: *breaks the banana to get rid of the spot, and what the sweet, sainted feck on a high-chair is that?!*
The Banana: *looks back*
Randolph Carter: What? How did I get here? This isn't Yaddith. I must have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque. *waves his little legs and gnashes his mandibles*
Takhys: ...I'm going to be ill.
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QWP: +9 Screwing the Pope who's Secretly a Woman

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I propose that some gaming house comes up with an entirely "new" concept and calls it Italy: the City-States. It'd be as tiresome and pedantic as any of the White Wolf games, with the added attraction of being historically interesting. I can just see gamers arguing amongst themselves as to who gets to play Cosimo de' Medici: you'd have powers like +5 Poison Ring and +3 Nepotism, and if you were really good at it, +9 Screwing the Pope who's Secretly a Woman. "Dude, I rolled a 20, I'm totally going to go invade Milan!"

The quote itself and the following discussion in the comments are well worth the read-through.
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Black Bolt Says Relax

Listen, lungs, can we talk?

The consummately witty innocencedenied, knowing the pen is mightier than broad spectrum antiobiotics, attempts to have a sit down chat with his lungs:

Look, honestly, I know you're unhappy. And believe me when I say I understand and feel your frustration! I know you've never had an easy time of it, with the changing temperatures and such. And I'm really sorry about that bronchitis thing. I wish I could've prevented that before it happened.

But honestly, we need to have a talk. You're angry, and that's fine. Anger is perfectly natural. But please, please understand that... well, I really need you to stay in my fucking chest cavity. Unpleasant as it might be, I assure you, this arrangement is better for us all in the long run.

So please, let's try to work out a compromise here.


Look, if you aren't willing to do it for me, then do it for Heart. He'd break, without you. :(

From a locked post, quoted with permission.