March 4th, 2006

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Mapp vs Guido

mapp is learning the trombone. He reports a discussion with guido_was_taken:
Mapp says: I guess that's okay then. I should've gone "I want to learn to play the guitar!". Cool people play guitar.
Guido says: nah, just get a good hat. everyone knows that a hat gives you a +5 circumstance bonus to all ska tests
Guido says: /geek

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It seems Larry The Cable Guy of Blue Collar Comedy fame has a movie coming out. Uh oh. Here, thebestmarkever has this to say about it:

It seems that movie execs have given up completely and are just making movies that they know no one will go and see anyway. I guess there is an audience for this, but they'll be too busy either screwing their cousin in a barn or being screwed by their cousin in a barn. Shame.
Lucian Throwbacks

Well, Ultraviolet radiation IS supposed to be bad for you . . .

speakerwiggin has had a traumatic experience watching Ultraviolet. Pity him, yes, but read his review.

"This movie is pure eye candy, only the candy is broccoli dipped in caramel filled with pubic hair. . . . [It] TRIED to be deep, but succeeded in the same way one might try to make a snow angel on concrete. There were speeches and pauses and dramatic music that were all the cues for you to say "whoa" like Keanu and think, but all you really end up doing is rubbing the salt from your popcorn into your eyes hoping you scratch them enough that the movie clouds over."

Come on! Bad reviews like that are like the best advertising ever.

Quoted with permission.
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I swear, I want to adopt dani_ellie's brother entire family.

Yes, babies are cute and they like me, but they feel like mashed potatoes.

QWP. And hee. Context, iffin you require such a thing. But, really, that's the gist of the post.
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tfcocs and a friend discuss religion:

My pal ate a piece of pizza while reflecting on his childhood.

“I think I was the only Catholic altar boy who was not molested as a child.”

I swallowed. “You must have been a damn ugly child then.”

“I thought the same thing,” he confessed.

QWP. That's the whole post, but context is here.