March 3rd, 2006

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Context, rsjr opines that Nextwave is so awesome that it'll make nerds stop reading manga, watching wrestling, and playing video games with bishies in favor of reading comic books again. daniel_olsen:
Who says you can't have... like; both?

Nobody! =)(well, some. But they are just bags of hot air who farts.)

Popculture is like food. If manga are my potatoes I need some meat and vegetables to go with it.

Like; in my brain it's like Spider-Man, Monkey D Luffy and Sephiroth is doing the conga and nobody can stop me.

Fancy Honey

From a post of shushanna, faithfully reproduced exactly as written:

My bear shaped honey bottle says "Grade A Fancy" on it. And although it is quite tasty and certainly worthy of the designation "Grade A" in my humble opinion, I fail to see what is particularly fancy about it. The least they could do would be to put a bow tie on the bear. It would be some semblance of fancy dress. At the moment he's unforgivably casual, what with being naked and all.

Well, I guess you could argue that he's wearing a fur coat. But if you did I'd have to remind you that he's made of plastic and not a real bear. If they tried to sell their honey contained in real bears I think it would be harder to keep the product on the shelves, which you might think would indicate higher sales. But it is more an indication of bears climbing off the shelves to eat the customers. Less customers equals less demand. That's bad economics.

All in all I think for the sake of public safety they should remove the word "Fancy" from the honey bottles. None of us want to be eaten by bears. Well, maybe some of us do. I can't speak for everybody.

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quiet_melee lists the reasons why she is a neurotic freak (Locked post. QWP). This one was my favorite:

6) I am deeply convinced the collapse of civilization is imminent. As I'm naturally lazy, I find the thought of having to struggle for survival very tiring, and wonder if I should be prepare some method of painless suicide for when the food riots start because I have no practical skills and would be unlikely to survive in the new barter economy.
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imayb1 from fanficrants wants you to know the difference...

Magnate: a person of rank, power, influence, or distinction often in a specified area.

Magnet: 1 a : LODESTONE b : a body having the property of attracting iron and producing a magnetic field external to itself; specifically : a mass of iron, steel, or alloy that has this property artificially imparted.

I doubt a magnate has the time or inclination to stand in your kitchen and hold notes to your refrigerator.
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not_vacillating, from here, explaining the difference between economists Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes:

"My theory is that they both believed in people having plenty of space to live and concrete cows, and that when they had a son (work with me here...) he built a whole city and named it after his parents-- hence Milton Keynes. Milton is the east side, and Keynes is the west side, so the difference in their polices must be that all Milton's books lean slightly to the right while all Keynes' books lean slightly to the left. Politically or literally, you take my pick."

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My sister, meghatron, and brother-in-law, bloodthorn, just closed on their first house this afternoon. What follows is an excerpt from an IM between bloodthorn and my sister, recounting a conversation he had with his mum.

bloodthorn: My mother has gone all middle ages about this house thing.
meghatron: ?
bloodthorn: She welcomed me to the "landed class." Then noted that I already owned weapons and should next procure a horse.
meghatron: *DIES*

I love our family.

QWP from a friends-locked post in meghatron's journal.
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Tonight, buongiornodaisy went to go see the original King Kong at a local theater. She has some thoughts on it and Peter Jackson's version.

Cooper's Kong looked like a giant plush doll that had swallowed too much pimp juice.

and, naturally:

Lastly, yes, Cooper's "Kong" is sadly lacking in Adrien Brody. So are almost all of the great films of the past.
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