March 2nd, 2006


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I hate the new improved rich text mode, and am insufficiently geeky to do it by hand so...

No cuts for you!!

ginsu rhapsodizes about all of the items available for your pleasure (except condoms, apparently...) at Fry's (which is a large commercial establishment in the Austin Texas environs. Who knew???

Enjoy the earworm, kiddies.

Lamps you can clamp on your bed for night reading
Radar detectors enable your speeding
Fantasy games packed with Dark Elven sluts
Vise grips for squeezing your editor's nuts

Diodes and iPods and routers simplistic
Microsoft Office -- if you're masochistic --
Bluetooth devices, for links without strings...
These are a few of my favorite things.

Squee Kitty

Adventures in novelwriting!

elialshadowpine is doing a rewrite of her novel, and has come across a few interesting goofs.

1. "He titled his head" is not equivalent to "He tilted..."

2. "Hard shift" and "Hard shaft" are two very different things.

3. When describing a character opening a condom, do not say "He ripped open the package."
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2013 v2.0

How NOT to bake bread.

via ifeedformula

Step four: If the dough refuses to rise, you screwed up. Chuck it and start over. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT attempt to salvage the beer-scented mess on your counter.Even if it starts to do strange things like burble at you in Elvish and lump around in a wierd sort of hop on the table. O.O

qwp of course. :D

Names on Tags

seraphimcloud is packing for a missionary trip to Thailand and decides that she needs a name tag.

How do you know there's a Mormon on your street? Because normally, people don't feel like taking leisurly walks in your neighborhoods in shirts and ties. And NAMETAGS. Man, I love those nametags. I gotta get me a Baptist nametag, like with vital stats on the back. NAME: Mel ETHNICITY: Austrailian and unoffensive to Muslims RELIGION: Liberal mainstream Protestant ... Likes dogs, coffee, dark beer, friendly toward other denominations including Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, especially responsive and resonant to drunks, homosexuals and sluts. Less useful to violent felons, crack addicts and people who lick toads. If found please return to upstate SC, USA, where her Austrailian family, which is not known to offend anyone associated with Islam nearly as much as Americans, knows to retrieve her. Biblical comprehension 44%, Moral consistency 38%, Likelihood to Fail At Asian Missions and Take Up Professional Geishaing: 59%
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