March 1st, 2006

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My Mom Used To Put Bourbon In My Bottle, And I Turned Out Just Fine

Aww, my very first metaquote:

amberlynne takes a quiz and debates the merits of ideal celebrity childcare providers:

I almost chose George Clooney over Reese Witherspoon on the question about who would I want to babysit my children because if it was George, he would come to my house! And I don't even have kids, so it would be even better. But if I had kids, I think Reese would probably take the best care of them. George might make them martinis and tell dirty jokes. How can I get him to come babysit me?

From here. Public post, but QWP anyway.
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PMS Word

Or, why estrella30 is breaking her resolution not write ansty Supernatural fanfic:
The boys have enough issues and stress on their own, I told myself. What they need YOU for is to get them laid.

But then, you know, you wake up one morning with a fully formed fic in your head and you think: Fuck it. I have PMS and MS Word and know how to use them both.

Context (but no fic) here.

Let's get it on!

On a thread over on snarkoleptics, the question is raised: Who would win in a fight between Oscar Wilde and F Scott Fitzgerald? The consensus seems to fall on Fitzgerald, but that's not important.

redneckgaijin runs with it:
    Next! on LITERARY DEATHMATCH! Fitzgerald versus Wilde in... the CAGE!

    PLUS! Emily Dickinson versus Jane Austen- JELLO MATCH!

    And in cross-gender tag team fighting- Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll battle the BRONTE SISTERS!

    And now we go RINGSIDE to our master of ceremonies, William Shakespeare!

    "Good even, friends, and authors dead and gone;
    Good gentles rise, and let us GET IT ON!"
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vodka shots?

bluejbird comments on various Harry Potter actors in a friends-locked post. (quoted with permission)

I obviously spend too much time reading f_w and ONTD cos I cannot for the life of me understand why there's such a big deal being made over Emma Watson (who is 15) drinking a beer in a restaurant while she's having a meal. I totally get there being different laws in different countries and so maybe it's hard for some people to comprehend, but people saying she's a slutty whacked out drunk is a bit over the top. I can't even remember when I had my first beer, but it was definitely earlier than that. Some of the posts I've'd think she was doing vodka shots off of Dan Radcliffe's naked torso.

... and that thought has just killed me dead.
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axver has just started university:

Our lecturer was informing us that we would have a five minute break in the middle of the lecture to allow us to "stretch our legs, go outside, have a drink, get some fresh air, or have a fag if you'd prefer some not so fresh air".

It instantly became very apparent who the Americans in the room were.

and in a completely unrelated post:

sorchar lists her rules for train travel:

4. Don't get your period the night before the trip. Especially if you're a guy.

...the whole list is very amusing.
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Those crazy Germans

Courtesy of sahiya, who is living in Germany right now:

"It's one of those words in German that I think of as "concept words," in which three or four smaller words are stuck together so as to conveniently illustrate a separate but usually related concept. So, from the language that brought you Weltschmerz and Schadenfreude, I present to you . . .

Ortkontrollfahrt (OKF).

Apparently, this is when you arrive too early to a designated appointment and have to drive around so as to arrive precisely at the agreed-upon time.

I couldn't help it. I burst out, right in the faculty room, "Oh my God, that's so German!" And everyone agreed that it was extremely German. Because dude. I've occasionally done it (when I had a significant amount of time before, for instance, a job interview), but only in Germany would it be so common that they would need to have a WORD for it. "

QWP, context here.