February 27th, 2006

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as some might recall, my good friend lupanotte wrote some porn. while drunk. and posted it to LJ, which I then took straight to MQ, because it is love.

well folks, she's done it again.
the post, in its entirety:
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((backstory: after the first porn writing, i urged her to write colin farrell/cillian murphy, which she began but never completed. the first part of this story, btw, was supposed to take place on a plane. don't ask me how they got to a club.))

QWP, locked post, etc.
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Abortion billboards


Fangirls Only.

It seems that princessstarr could care less if the next Harry Potter movies follows the book at all.

Letter to the makers of the next film:
Forget about the Order, and the Prophecy. I want a boy orgy in that next movie. With a resurrected Cedric and a returning Wood if you can. But mostly focusing on the Weasley boys. (Especially Gred and Forge. Mmmtwins) Try to put Bill n Charlie in there too. And Radcliffe if you must. Throw in Neville for good measure too.

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gordonzola got tapped for jury duty.
I was also interrogated about my job. No one flinched at "cooperative" but the plaintiff lawyer asked what a cheesemonger is.

"I buy and sell cheese," I replied.

Trying to be folksy he replied, "Oooh, got any recommendations?"

"Don’t get me started," I answered. I clipped my words to let him know he was not my friend. The other jurors laughed. Then hit me up for cheese advice during the break.
liveavatar: I had no idea that cheesemongers suffered as many requests for free advice as doctors and lawyers do.
gordonzola: well, at least they don't pull down their pants and ask me to look at their cheese.

The whole post is great, and so are the comments.
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gakifang is having diffuculties with her day.  
QWP,  http://gakifang.livejournal.com/164524.html

I...am viciously confused. Not a normal level of confused where one merely wanders through a picturesque mental fog, but the kind where confusion coshed you over the head, dragged you into an alley to beat the sh*t out of you and is currently riffling through your wallet while it's dog gnaws on your arms.

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yay_4_me is tired of stupid customers in her grocery store:

Buy one get one free only works if you buy one first.

Expires on March 3 + $1.89 does not = 3 for $1.89.

If you did not find that child stocked on a shelf, he is not for sale. Get him off my conveyor belt.


$.84 is not too much for nearly 2 pounds of bananas. Don't pull that haughty "Back in my day" shit. Back in your day you could use shiny pebbles and seashells to pay for things. That is, if the plague wasn't rampant that day.


Sorry, no wine before 1 on Sundays. No, there's no way around it, the register won't let me. Yes, it is a stupid law. No, I can't just give it to you. That would be stealing on both our parts. No, if I ruled the world people who pissed me off would be eaten by small woodland creatures and Anthony Rapp would be straight.

QWP, context is for the weak

The reason I love this girl

And another deep thought: You know the Thing in The Fantastic Four? He's really lucky he turned into Silicon, being the nearest thing to Carbon in terms of properties. Imagine he'd turned into Plutonium or something. Sure he'd have cooler superpowers, but he would fall apart in about an hour.

Dear gods, I'm a dork.

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water_resistant tells us about her day...

On Saturday morning, as I was driving to work, I was hit by a nun.

Yes, that's right, a practicing nun, on her way to church, pulled off a side street and straight into the side of my defenseless little Honda Civic. She's 77, and was very tiny and adorable in her little knit hat, so I'm having trouble staying mad at her depite the fact that she almost killed me. No one was hurt, not surprising, what with her divine protection and all, but my car may not live to see another day.

I'm just glad the sisters have good insurance, because I don't know if I could live with myself if I had to sue a nun.
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