February 25th, 2006

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Folks in overheardnyc were amused that one mother explained who Cain was by saying "he was one of two brothers. And I believe he did something naughty." nosyparker, however, felt compelled to share some interesting observations about the nature of God...
It strikes me that God is very anti-fruit. "Don't eat this fruit! Oh, you ate the fruit. YOU GET OUT!" "GIVE ME PRESENTS! What? FRUIT?? I HATE FRUIT! YOU GET FUCKED NOW!"

What a picky eater. There are starving deities in third-world belief systems that would SMITE for a piece of fruit, Mr. God!

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A quote from cleolinda


Hidden Passageway will build--you guessed it--into your house. "That's amazing, you say! But I bet it costs a fortune! ...Nay, say I. They sell DIY kits you can put together yourself starting at $1500." Everyone agrees that it would be much cooler to keep this on the downlow, even as they post it to their blogs. I'm just saying.

(Personally, I would love one. But there's a slight problem: yeah, building the mechanism and passageway is the difficult part. But once you've got it... where does it go to? What I'm saying is, this is only really useful if you've already got a secret room somewhere, or a room you can now close off and hide. Otherwise it's just, "Oh look, this bookcase in the hall! This happens to be the only way to get into my bedroom now.")
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Origins in the DC Universe

penknife started a huge discussion in her LJ about what people learned from their first fandom. One discussion branching out from that became how hard it was to go from a fandom with a fairly tight canon of which it was possible for everything to make sense ... to a fandom like DC Comics, in which a rubber room awaits anyone trying to force all of the canon to make sense at once.

Anyway, marag makes this observation:

Two origin stories? Who has only two origin stories? It must be somebody really obscure, 'cause I thought everybody who was anybody in the DCU had a minimum of four origin stories.

Context here.
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