February 24th, 2006

SuperBill, theatre might!

On everyone's favorite "paedophile search engine"

maladaptive has this to say in defense of MySpace:

The internet needs Myspace. That way, you can keep them all in one place. A place that I don't have to go to. It's like e-prison, except the users want to be there. You get them off the e-streets, and e-society is happy knowing that their e-town is just that much safer; safe from camwhores and people who can't spell three letter words.

from this (QWP) entry.
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blainemuffin discusses the practicality of total human annihilation in a locked post here. (QWP, of course.)

"One thing I can't understand: humanity's fascination with robots killing us all. ....

I dunno. Maybe it's just me, but if I were a robot I'd be more interested in, oh, say, figuring out the universe, than killing every living thing. It just seems... pretty dumb.

Hey there 1240235, what's up?
Not much 2358923, figured out the meaning of life. How's it going with you?
Not bad, destroyed a few worlds, wiped out millions of species.
....ooooookaaaaaaay... "

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In this entry, dvandom exercises his brain cells:

Random weird scientific thought

If you decide it would be nifty to fill a pool with everclear so you can swim in booze, make sure it's not so deep you can't stand on the bottom with your head above the surface...you can't swim in alcohol. Or even float. Your density is 25% greater than that of alcohol, you'll sink fast enough that no amount of paddling will keep you up.

In other words, Namor was doubly screwed in that one ep of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.
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I made a post about my girlfriend's and my attempts to do house repairs. furryfairy had some interesting comments:

*super-deep announcer voice* "This week, trapped in a room with nothing but blue raspberry bubble gum, roofing tar and an edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica missing the L and T-Ti volumes, our hero manages to make a strap-on dildo and harness AND a small quantity of hair gel with excellent lift and touchable softness in the 18 minutes before her date arrives" *cue exciting music*


Our God-given ability to use carjacks to install plumbing fixtures is all that separates us from the animals. Oh, that and orthodontia.

QWP, the comment link is here