February 22nd, 2006

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From outofbeta, here, QWP.

'"The convergence of the major parties towards the political centre in many liberal democracies (the UK, Germany, Israel, the United States, etc.) has narrowed the historical divides between the parties, bringing their icebergs closer together in the electoral seas and making it easier for the voter-penguins to step between them."

...please tell me I didn't just write that sentence.'

And then, in reply to my comment;

'...would it have been better if it had read "fluffy voter-penguins to glide effortlessly between them"? Because, worryingly enough, that was what I wrote first, before my automatic editor kicked in and went 'no, too many adjectives in that sentence!'
(It, however, failed to notice the penguins. I may need to reinstall my brain...)'

The penguins made me smile, anyway. :)
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OZ - told ya so

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fangirl1981 here, about a featurette on the Law & Order: SVU Season 5 DVD:
"I only will be on a TV show if it's about the most depraved kinds of people and the things they do, or the most unspeakable crimes."-B.D. Wong

I assume he's referencing "Oz" there and not "All American Girl", but then again you never know.

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cadhla has mail!

So random package from an unknown Canadian? Kiiiiiinda bizarre.

The package did not tick, and so I took it inside.

(Someday, someone's going to send me a box of weaponized mealworms or something, and when they find my meatless bones in a heap on the kitchen floor, the handsome CSI-esque investigator will sigh and say 'she fell prey to the oldest trick in the book -- she only checked for ticking'.

Or, well, maybe not.)
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Chainsaw of natural selection.

A musical state of mind.

lediz has been listening to the radio today.

... Do you think, if I asked real nice, Gwen Stefani would go back to No Doubt and become a tolerable human being again? Or Rob Thomas would go back to Matchbox 20 just so I can fangirl Matchbox 20 CDs again? And Madonna would just accept that she's over forty and aside from being a fabulous gay icon, I'm sure, she just shouldn't be playing with those toys anymore?

Save your dog's soul!!!

nakedblueninja explains why a wedding for her dog was absolutely essential. (Locked post, QWP)
Hula Hoop For Your Doop-a-Doop
Today, my brother and I married my dog to his longtime girlfriend, Miss Bear. It was a lavish ceremony, with the entire household's complement of Reverends (me, my brother, and my dog, as well as the nonexistent parakeet, Tibby,) jerky treats for everyone, and a little bow I found in the closet topping off the groom's suit. I would have dug up my little pillbox hat for the bride, but she's already covered in spit and lurve, and I really didn't want my hat to be exposed to that.

We all got to witness this special occasion because my mom handed my brother some religious propaganda she bought by mistake from the value village.

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ursulav is once again in her own little world...

...but she invites us in from time to time. Here she muses on the intelligence of her cat...

My mental vision of the inside of Athena's head is a kind of vaulted bone cathedral, columns of mandible and cheekbone soaring upwards to the arching buttresses of sinus cavities, cobalt light streaming in through two rose window eyes, the floor cleft by irregular stairways of palate and spine. It's an open, airy place, in which the lone brain cell, clad in tiny monkish robes, solemnly reads out the liturgy, and paces through the vast emptiness, lighting tiny synapse-torches and praying to the God of Cat Brains* and hoping in quiet desperation that some day they'll send him an acolyte.

*A deity which makes atheism easy

Geek humor makes me happy.

From a friendslocked post from abetted, quoted with permission:

"Ok, seriously, can my boyfriend be any cuter than this: "ComputerPhreak (5:59:24
PM): roses are FF0000, violets are 0000FF, pro's are 1337, and so are j00" ?!"

The full post, which is also quite humorous even though it's friendslocked, can be found here.
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