February 17th, 2006



scribe_of_stars, in a public entry, lets some of the contents of his brain out for a walk:

"Not being a gigantic Tolkien fan, I only found out today that there was someone called "Gothmog" in Return of the King.

Yes, "Gothmog."

Knowing nothing further on the matter, my only option is to go ahead with my plan to produce mental images of a Moogle who dresses in black, listens to His Infernal Majesty, and has a piercing through the little pom-pom that hangs on top of its head.

Existence is pain, kupo!"

That's all there is. And if you're curious, yes, there is Goth moogle art. Check out the comments for some examples.

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A few quotes from sages_of_chaos

First, housepital asks a question about patients that keep secrets. It spawned this little conversation (hooray for typos):

doctam: "Sometimes they aren't aware of what's wrong. Of course I couldn't stand it when my colleges made simple mistakes when I worked in a hospital." Simon gets an irritated look.

housepital: Very annoying when a college makes a mistake. What was an educational institute doing walking around a hospital anyway?

Later, Family Guy!Adam West (messwithadamwe) wants to know if the aliens in his sock drawer took his Lite Brite pieces.

_redmeansgo_ replies with:

nananananananananananananananananana batshitcrazyman!
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Once more, with feeling...

From dindin, because it had to be done....

My Official CSI Even Though I Don't Watch It Recap

See, someone dies under Mysterious Circumstances. And they put the team on the case. Brass makes a snarky remark and Grissom shoots him a Look. Sara and Grissom do/do not have sexual subtext, while Nicky and Warrick do/do not act gay. Catherine mentions that she used to be a stripper and says something about her child. There's a Plot Twist. It's not who you think. Someone gets interrogated and everyone glares at that person. Because they're Bad. Then they find out who it Really Is. Someone makes a Pithy Remark; probably Grissom.

The End.


The Sub-Plot/B-Plot

Bugs are involved. Ecklie is mean.

The End.
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A few denizens of my Livejournal carry on a debate about my street cred. It is not flattering.

snapple: Dude. Crossroads. Unless you were intoxicated...
altoidsaddict: No... But, as the owner of the Ed Wood collection, I will say it was worth the 50 cents.
snapple: Sigh. Your taste, she is blinding.
bureinato: As the person who dragged Altoids to the dang theater to watch Crossroads, it was not worth the 50 cents and there is not enough booze in the world to make up for it.
snapple: Goddamn dude, how could you do this? You've ruined her street cred and you don't even have anything to show for it.
bureinato: She had street cred?
snapple: Good point.

Context: It may be funny or sad that they both know me IRL. QW... well, my P, and I'm the one getting insulted.

gemfyre, on customers_suck

I've seen many tales here about customers freaking about because their total comes to $6.66 or their bill number is 666 or whatever.

I noticed at my bank today that their latest home loans have a 6.66% interest rate. They're marketing it as "One hell of a deal" and "Be tempted".

I just laughed at it, but I wonder how many looney customers are going to ring up and complain.

EDIT : Hah! I just started reading the inside of the pamphlet and it says "A rate that turns heads" and talks about "possessing your home sooner". Priceless.

Over here.  As someone else on the thread commented, I wish my bank had a sense of humor!
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duia has a valid question here.
with absolutely no reference to anything that may or may not have happened in the news recently. no, really. honest.

So, does Hallmark make a 'sorry I shot your punk ass' card?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I shot you in the face
Sucks to be you!

Tulips are nice
But roses are best
Sorry I shot you
And about that cardiac arrest!

I'm old and decrepit
Got shaky hands
So I'm really sorry
For bustin' lead in your grill, man.

QWP and all that good jazz.
Fangirl-y love

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The lovely hecubuscathead is understandably a bit upset about the way women's rights are going in Indiana and the lovely religious reasoning behind it in this post. QWP.

You know, if I went around howling "ODIN!!!! GUIDE MY MIND! HELP ME CHOOSE WHICH CABBAGE TO BRING TO MY FAMILY THIS NIGHT!" It would probably make people uncomfortable. If I was trying to choose a shampoo and fell to my knees screaming to my Ancestors to help guide me to the one true conditioner I would probably be asked to leave the store. And, if in my JOB I decided to tell my boss that I couldn't give her the information I've been working on (I'm a Qualitative Analyst, folks) because the Divine Spaghetti Monster did not sponsor education unless it involved full Pirate Regalia I would be fired.

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Melanie and I were talking about things people should have. I said "Derek should have a PENIS!" to which she replied "Derek should have a whole NECKLACE of penises!" and proceeded to do an eBay search for "penis necklace". -
Here, redshira is the best mother a transboy could have. :)