February 16th, 2006

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Becuase she is awesome and very untidy tatterhood had this to say...

"I have discovered that if you leave dishes beside the sink, with food remenants on them, for weeks on end, they will eventually begin to smell like what I assume a rotting carcuss would smell like. Its not pleasent. I don't suggest that anyone allows themselves to go so long without doing dishes. Unless you like the smell of rotting carcuss. Then by all means, give 'er."

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Winter Olympics

ginalin had this to say about Winter Olypmics:

My question for the day: Who in the world conceived of the two man luge?
"Hans, I hafe un Idea! Let us wear very body hugging garments and lie on top of each other, and slide down a bobsled run at one hundred kilometers per hour, experiencing the vibrations through our bodies and using a grinding motion of our hips to move the sleigh!"

We loves the two man luge. It's like kinky high speed outdoor gay porn.
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Why I Love thebaconfat, Episode 144384:

I have a few days off starting tomorrow, though, so after my dentist appointment (boo) I can finally get my knee checked out -- my usual strategy for dealing with illnesses and injuries (the "take some aspirin, wait 'til it goes away" strategy) just isn't working this time. I'm always a little worried going to the walk-in clinic, because you never know what kind of doctor you're going to end up with there. It doesn't help that I don't really know what's wrong with my knee or how it happened. I keep imagining the whole thing going something like this:

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cokeacolie takes the good with the bad:

It is only 8am, and I am already contemplating what in this room I could hang myself with.

On a lighter note, I was at the gym yesterday, and I saw a group of "popular" people from high school, and they were all FAT!

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Okay, I made a generic, boring post here that is linked just for context... Not meta-worthy at all. But, the following comments to said post ARE:

Oh, geeze. This is why I've had elf subs stalking me for the past three weeks. :P

The new Elf Sub! Only 8 grams of Fat, From SubWay!
SubWay! Eat Fresh!

Well, I thought it was funny, anyhow...

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In the comments to this post, no_breaks23 replies to a comment with the following congratulatory statement:

Kudos to you for realizing that the last presidential race was between two Old-money New England politicians, not between some dip-spittin' yokel and a paladin of the prolitariat.
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More lovliness over at customers_suck, where millym tries to explain the concept of closing up. Context, motherfudders!

Yes, we do close at a certain time - a time in which all the remaining films are halfway to three-fourths completed, so there's no real point in getting in anyway. Unless you're here to stop a time paradox that could swallow this universe whole, but it's not my fault if you don't have your official time police ID on you. You aren't even an honorary member of the Power Rangers. You have no authority to step into our closed theater, unless you're doing it with kickass robots that form into even bigger robots. That kick more ass.

Steven Segal's immortal ponytail is also mentioned.
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yay for minions

The brilliant and witty oceanic has been deservedly promoted and they are now giving her an assisstant. Her amusing thoughts on the interview process:

On the negative side, I have two EA candidates to review today. I think I've mentioned my hatred of this before. I just want them to plunk down a qualified candidate in front of me and say "Here's your minion. Don't break it."

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blessed are the beer drinkers?

crouchback commented, in this excellent post with a comic you should see, if you haven't already
Jesus, on the other hand, was much loved because when he went to a party, no one had to bring booze.

A party. Jesus enters.
Jesus: I bring you good news, people!
Party host: Jesus! We forgot the beer! But we have plenty of water..can you do that thing you do? You know, the whole water to booze trick?
Jesus: Actually, I came here to tell you to love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use and persecute you.
Party host: Dude, all of that will be a lot easier if we have beer! If I drink enough of it, I even like Pontius Pilate!
Jesus: Oh, all right. *poof*
Party host: Jesus, dude, you rock!
Party guests: Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
Exeunt Jesus, who is muttering under his breath that he didn't say "blessed are the beer drinkers"

This lasted until the day Caiaphas wanted to throw a party for the Roman cavalry cohort Ala I Sebastenorum, and Jesus didn't show, leaving Caiaphas with the task of explaining to angry Romans that he had no booze.
Thanks to crouchback for his permission to metaquote.
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