February 15th, 2006

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You put your left...what?

rhianwen_24601 on the subject of writing fanfiction of the lemony-fresh kind, in response to a fic (in this post in readordie) of her own story that's only slightly lemony:

This is the most fun way to write...uh...stuff. Otherwise, it always comes out sounding a little like the Hokey Pokey, with this hand goin' here, and that foot goin' there, and the other thing goin' wherever.

And that, apparently, is what it's all about.

*dies laughing*
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I'm not even going to ask what a seedcake is.

michaelbush earlier bemoaned that he had to write a piece of fiction in the Modernist style. But being the ever rosourceful boy he is, he finds a solution!
I think I have found the answer to my English assignment woe.

I shall write Modernist...

McFly slashfic.

And Dougie removed his trousers ooh yes Tom took the kiss of seedcake back from his mouth ooh yes....
(Hopefully not too racy to need a cut, but ask and it shall be done.)
Random {Anyone who doesn't like you is w

No really, she doesn't care.

wholedamnturkey is full of awesome. Observe:

Dear ladies I work with,

I don't care about your dog. I don't care about your boyfriend. I don't care about your menstrual cramps, your deodorant brand, your gas, your infection, your kids, your weight loss plan, what you have for lunch today, any conceivable aspect of your life, or your job. I make it a point to avoid eye contact with you because I do not want to get roped into a lengthy soliloquy about our organization's underappreciation or outright dismissal of your skills. I don't care. I don't care if I transferred a phone call to you that turned out to be a customer who was unhappy with the service he or she was receiving and gave you an earful of complaints. WAIT, that's not true. In fact, it gives me a secret glee. But I still don't care about your opinion on it.

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QWP, but the entry is locked and she wants to keep it that way.
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... as a reality check, when you roll up on in wearing a black leather trench and Gibsonian mirrorshades, the illusion I expect you think you're projecting is shattered when you buy 20 packs of Yu-Gi-Oh.

dawgstar, long suffering games store employee, here.
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Soot Mrr?
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sabinablue on her new-ish pregnancy:

So far, all tests are good and it turns out the sprog is a boy. What the heck are we going to name this kid? He was supposed to be a girl! On the upside, my mother and sister have ditched the talk about how they can't wait to dress a baby girl in outfits that look like a sewing machine vomited tulle, or how they can't wait to take her for a manicure. And I'm reasonably certain I won't have to entertain requests for Polly Pockets, My Little Pony, or Bratz dolls.
Bleu: Dino Boots

Happy conception day!

From the ever amusing deffy_kun

Pro-life people should be forced to celebrate "Conception Days" instead of "Birthdays". Since they think that's when life starts, the day you actually claw your way out of the vagina should be arbitrary for them; I mean, you've already been alive for nine whole months by that point, what's the big deal?

Not much context.

So true...

"I'm sure we've all had that experience: you're involved in what you think is a happy discussion about some fandom inanity, and then you realize that somewhere between "why I think Harry isn't a horcux” and the finer points of Snape's sadism you've wandered into the fandom twilight zone. Suddenly whether Harry actually should be with Hermione, Ginny or Snape isn't just light-hearted conjecture, it's a personal attack on some random person's way of life.

And you're wondering; "Hello, who invited crazy to dinner?""

oulangi, here


Mom_almighty and a trip to the grocery store

3:15pm: Baby kicks me in bladder. Gotta find a bathroom.
3:16pm: Baby kicks me in bladder again. Seriously - isn't there one in the corner behind the deli counter?
3:18pm: Another shot to bladder. Terror alert level raised to red.
3:19pm: Again in the bladder. Is this some kind of Olympic event?
3:21pm: Bladder takes another hit. Warp core breach imminent.
3:22pm: Bladder is under attack. Mentally research design specifications for hull integrity to decide whether I can make it home before warp core ejected. Not likely. Perhaps baby's name should be KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!

This is EXACTLY why I made sure that whatever store we went into (while I was heavily pregnant), I knew the exact location of the bathroom. XD
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