February 12th, 2006




Anyways, Christ really is the kind of guy I'd like to follow, honestly. Me, I'm kinda picky about whom I like to serve. If I don't like my employers or how they do things, I just won't work for 'em. But Jesus...it's not just that he died for my sins, I'll be damned (literally and figuratively) if he's not a pretty cool guy. Always helpin' people and stuff, forgiving their sins and all that, entreating them to do good by their brothers and sisters...hey, man, if somebody asked him for some animes or something, I'm sure he's the kind of guy who'd provide, right?

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kytyngurl2 has a difficult morning:

Story of my day thus far

Rachel (2/100 HP): *wakes up*
Life (999999999/999999999 HP): *smacks Rachel with the Axe of Mighty Smiting*
(Rachel takes 9999 Damage)
Rachel (0/100 HP) *has been pwned*
(Game Over)

Found here, though that was the whole entry. QWP.
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muppet people

warrenwon discusses Rachel McAdams's facial features in this post.

Rachel McAdams has an ENORMOUS mouth and it seems to be growing with time. I just watched "Mean Girls" in which she has a large mouth, and have recently watched "Wedding Crashers" in which her already generous mouth seems to have gotten even bigger!!! She looks like a muppet. And I think that if the trend continues she will soon be a Canadian person on South Park.

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In which lordseamus tackles the big questions:

When you're in a tough situation do you ever think, "What would Jesus do?"? 'Cuz I can tell you what he did. He fuckin' DIED, MAN! Do you really think that's going to solve your problems??

Wait, I guess it does, huh. Carry on...
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I'm getting the impression that Dazz takes 24 very seriously...

QWP: Stop the Jack, can't stop the Jack, you can't stop the Jack, stop the Jack, you can't stop the Jack

There is a brand new series of 24 beginning with a double-episode special tonight.

There is a brand new series of 24 beginning with a double-episode special TONIGHT.

No phone calls, no e-mails, no txts, no hungry cats, no inquisitive parents, no Asian beauties demanding sexual intercourse, no terrorist attacks, no car crashes, no riots against cartoons, no banging on my door in the pouring rain for a romantic moment, no throwing bricks through my window to get my attention, no wandering naked on my lawn in a catatonic state like Isabella Rossellini in "Blue Velvet",Collapse ) no angry God, NO INTERRUPTIONS!!

Because if you do, you just won't be answering to me. You'll be answering to Jack Bauer.

You don't want that.
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tinhuviel bought aunt_tudi a bubble machine.

Last night, Aunt Tudi wanted to see what the bubbles looked like in the dark, so she took the machine out on the front porch. Hours later, around 2 AM, I stepped outside to see if we'd gotten any snow and saw something terrifying on the ground. I was certain we had some sort of bizarre fungus in our yard or perhaps the aliens had deposited pods of some sort.


They were frozen bubbles. After
Collapse ) myself with fright, I took some pictures. And then I fought the urge to beat Aunt Tudi with a shovel for scaring me to death. Collapse )

The pictures are pretty nifty too.
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DC geekery for the win!

During a brief argument about whether the cross or the spear killed Jesus, zweihander01 points out that:

Actually, he was killed by having his lungs fill up with fluid, since that's the effects of crucifixion. The spear-thing was after he was dead, just to make sure and to eventually ensure that superheroes would be unable to attack Hitler during WWII, lest they be mind-controlled.

To which lots42 found himself forced to respond:

That hadda suck for Hitler.

"Sir! Sir! Our 14th Infantry just got turned into craters by the English!"

"Damn you, Spear! Work! Work!"

"Sir, it only works on superheros."


indigo17 has an interesting evening...

here, flocked, QWP

Oh, it was epic. There was one-on-one wrestling, much cursing and at one point I was STUCK INSIDE IT...but finally, victory was mine after a well-fought battle.

And thus, the score was:

Me 1 - 0 Duvet

Playing on home ground.

Well, I did better than the Irish rugby team...*giggles*
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Home Repair Tip

haardvark on home repairs:
It turns out that muriatic acid of sufficent strength to remove mortar haze from granite is also just strong enough to melt the bristles of a cheap plastic scrub brush and replace said mortar haze with an even more tenacious polymer haze.

:Foul word:
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"awwwwww, scene kids are so cute. the skinny ones are like little forrest creatures, and that-one-fat-scene-chick was stolen from a micky-dees when she was a baby by all the forrest sceneybobbers and raised as thier own so they can breed with her. shes got them child birthn' hips.

i just want to catch one of my own and let it loose in my house. so cute." -aqua_crayons QWP.

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pottersues on not passing up a Sue!fic:

Really, the main reason I featured this one instead of just passing it over as a so-so fic was because I found it bizarre that some sixteen or seventeen year-old would find a fourteen year-old Draco sexay.

Oh God, I didn't even see the irony in that statement until I typed it out.


First time posting :O