February 10th, 2006

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innerbrat on that movie...
I love this movie. I want to make love to this movie. I want to take this movie home and call it George and have all it's little babies. This movie is what all 'period' comedies should aspire to.

In conclusion: Dooooooooooooooooooooooooood!
here, public post. The whole review is worth a read.

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xylen about Pat Robertson here. QWP

You've successfully killed any hope most of us have had for faith of any kind except for maybe that one day you'll get too socked up on your Vicodin and wake up as the Grand Marshal in a gay pride parade only to fall off the float and get run over by it.

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real genius poster

Disney meets the Mob?

From aamusedinatx QWP Full post here

Seen on the side of a bus today:

Finding Nemo...On Ice.

Everyone say it with me... SUSHI!

Okay so Disney on Ice presents you Finding Nemo on Ice. I know that's supposed to be cute and colorful but it sounds vaguely like Pixar meets the Sopranos...doesn't it?
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if it's not the banana peel
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When doublespeak is just plain good.

linusrichard notices a discrepancy in a grammarpolice entry by iampunha:
I found a spelling error. In the sentence: If you are fond of saying that something is gay (as in lame, not as in homosexual), that someone looks like a trannie, that some fat bitch blocked your way on the grocery store, I recommend saying so elsewhere.

You misspelled fucking off and dying.
QWP; even though it's a public post, this was my illustrious virginity-bustin' metaquote, and I thought I'd be nice and shit.
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Bullet spewing Baby OF DEATH!

shinga speaks on her time in the Army and her favorite thing about Basic Training.

Oh yeah. My precious M16… my baby. I finally got to actually USE her! :D

Oh, that's another tidbit I forgot to mention. We got issued our M16 on the second day… well DS Murray told the Platoon that we had to name our M16. Me, being… me… decided on "Nosferatu" which made for an amusing moment when DS Murray asked us to tell the rest of the Platoon the name… because she had me explain it (which makes sense, I think maybe TWO people in the whole Platoon knew what Nosferatu was) so I did, and she was like "… You're one of those… freaky… I gotta have a talk with you later, Bussell." Yeah it was funny.

Where was I? OH YES. Basic Rifle Marksmanship. Fun stuff. I got to qualify, and did absolutely horrible, but I passed. The funny part is, I did TONS worse on actual qualification day than I did on pre-qual… WHY GOD WHY. On pre-qual I was getting sniper comments! I mean, COME ON! … Not that it matters much now, but…

So that was fun. Firing my baby… Oh precious Nosferatu, I miss you ;_; I haven't held her since June *sniff*
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David Mack Akemi

QWP from nastyboots

Locked post. Co-worker mini-rant:

if I hear him tell one more person about this amazing store called "The IKEA" he discovered on vacation, so help me god...

you should have seen the disappointment when I told him yes, indeed, I know of "The IKEA."
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A tender morsel of hilarity found here.

illicit: Good evening

May I humbly request a "What what"?

bambiblue: Also, I think it would indeed be helpful if you could get all the ladies which are currently in the house to say something along the lines of: "Ho." or maybe even have them scream.

And if you can't hear them, thell them so.

illicit: That's a pretty good idea.

They could also wave their hands in the air and forgoe any precautionary measures towards the care of those hands.

bambiblue: And if they deem in necessary to proceed further with this recklessness, they could lift up the entire roof of the establishment.

If that's not enought they could set it ablaze, and then neglect it -- allowing for it to completely incinerate.

Please be kind and gentle to the metaquoting virgin? :)
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Miriku numbers (*sigh*) his options

First time poster here. Hi.

QWP from miriku, who wanted me to add that it's from Numbers 22:30-32:

look, my choices right now are either unpack books or look up naughty words in the bible. if nothing else you now know that god thinks that if you smack your ass 3 times you're a pervert. i'm sure you'll put this knowledge to good use.

I'm still snorking out loud a little bit. Context is here.