February 8th, 2006


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On bad_rpers_suck there was a post made by celleri_kun about getting an IM from a bad Rper's mother. I asked in a comment if I was the only person who had gaming parents. One of the end responses? This:

"I'm so intrigued. I wonder if there's much difference between gamers if there's some kind of multi-generational geek cred factor. Like, if the gamer son of one pair of gamers and the gamer-girl daughter of another pair of gamers marry and have a son, and that son becomes a gamer, does he technically have some kind of +3 Geek Prestige Merit for being a third-gen gamer? Or is it just a -1 Social Handicap Flaw for being so steeped in nerditude he can't understand mainstream culture? Cause I'd feel pretty bad saddling my future son with an automatic Flaw at character creation just because I'm a terminal nerd." -

<a href="http://community.livejournal.com/bad_rpers_suck/2334864.html?thread=42493584#t42493584">Original post here</a>

I wonder if they change her name to Plata CuervoLobo?

aethyrkitten posted about fluffy witchcraft spam, and I brought up that we had gotten several books in the library from LlewellynMexico, the Spanish-speaking version of the Fluffiest Wicca Publisher That Ever Fluffied. To which she replied:

I can just see it now, little spanish teenagers reading "Teen Bruja" and their grandmothers being all WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE WE HAD TO WORK FOR OUR SECRET WITCHCRAFT THINLY VEILED AS REALLY DEVOUT CATHOLICISM.

El contexto está aqui.
il divo

Il Divo quote, brought to you by two non-fans

It looks like something from Martha’s magazine. Very stagey-home-like. Yeah, because they all live together in one big, happy house, with French windows and everything. Carlos gets up first and makes everyone coffee (but won’t shut up about how nice he is to do it for everyone), while David reads stories out-loud, when he isn’t distracted by the pretty pictures. Meanwhile, Urs heartily wishes he was somewhere else, and Sebastian doesn’t drink coffee and wonders what the hell he’s doing in this group in the first place. Then he eyes the paycheck on the table and remembers.
- shawk, in reaction to this photo I found
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Static - dangerous stuff

stu_n replied to my post about Kiera Knightley and Scarlett Johansson doing a nude photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

tyrell: "They don't look *comfortable*. This is a black-sheeted bed, they should be reclining like cats, not perched like they're scared of falling off it."

stu_n: "Nylon sheets. They're only held in place by static electricity. Tom Ford has got an electric cable trailing off his shoe onto the floor behind the bed, and he isn't biting Keira's ear — he's earthing her, like a human crocodile clip.
Scarlett's kept in place more securely because she's actually inflatable. That's why she looks so smooth, and less bony than Keira."
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the nap *owns* you, beeyotch

QWP from a friendslocked post by trinsf:
Have the best fucking 2 hour nap EVAR, godammit. Nap of the GODS! Ontological nap! The very Platonic fucking form of NAP. You want the nap? You can't *handle* the nap! The nap *owns* you, beeeotch, as does the bed, and the Temple of Bathing and the Vintage Park, and let's face it, the Kimpton Hotels of the Kimpton Group, who have your number, baybee, because to be honest, your loyalty can be *bought* for the price of one perfect nap! One. Perfect. Nap.

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"I also once dreamt that I was on the Enterprise and an alarm was sounding so I asked Mr Spock what it was. And he looked at me, raised an eyebrow, and said "It's your alarm clock, Mr Vowles." Then I woke up with a start."
- jvowles, in a comment.

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alazysod's dad has a fun time. QWP from an f-locked post.

Haha. My dad is so mean.

Dad: You know, alazysod, I just read on Google that Sela Ward just signed on for another 13 episodes of House.
Dad: I know. I was kidding. But she did join the cast of Lost. She plays a lizard that they find in a cave.