February 5th, 2006

6th Grader
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Uninvited guests

While expressing her dismay at an unexpected visitor at a very inopportune time, galateadia wrote:

but the realtor, she mush be stopped!
especially if she's ruining my nookie time.

(QWP from f-locked post, context provided for obvious humor-challenged upon request)
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Because ursulav is made for metaquoting

In ursulav's post on how since everyone has an opinion "about Muslims, cartoons, Danish newspapers, and depictions of the Prophet Mohammed, I'm going to tell you mine."
when you get mad at a newspaper, you write a stern letter to the editor about how you didn't think that was funny and it's destroying the fabric of our society or whatever. My grandmother used to call the newspaper every time Beetle Bailey was slightly off-color. At no point did she burn an embassy. Burning the Danish embassy is overreacting. There is never any good excuse to burn the Danish embassy, unless they have a really lethal infestation of termites, and I don't think the mob had any exterminators with them. You do not protest depictions of Islamic violence by commiting violence in the name of Islam, people! That's like my husband saying "You're being irrational," and me screaming "I AM NOT!" and then bursting into tears (which yes, I've done. Perhaps Syria has PMS.)
Entire post here.
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This couldn't possibly offend anyone. I don't cut for jesus.

God: When do you want your mating season to take place?
Man: All the time.
God: What? Why? It'll lead to overpopulation and a constant obsession with sex.
Man: You got something more interesting to spend my days thinking about?
God: Fine.
Man: Hey wait, what if some of me are unattractive and can't find mates? Then we'll be thinking about sex constantly with no release.
God: Here, take some opposable thumbs. My gift to you.

Man: Why is it sinful to take your name in vain?
God: Cause only I'm allowed to do that. Cause I'm God. I'm so hip I can't see over my pelvis. So. Hot. Right. Now. That's me. God.
Man: You don't have hips.
God: Sure I do. They cover infinity. So you can't distinguish between what is God-hip and what isn't.
Man: That doesn't make any sense.
God: Doesn't have to. I'm God, biatch.

Man: If you don't interfere with human affairs, what do you do with all your time?
God: Your Mama...heh heh heh...seriously though, I told that joke to this dude in Nazareth this one time and he so totally believed me.

credit to bokuniwa's braaaiiinnnns.
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auryn29a had a disturbing image in the parking lot of a store the other day. QWP:

In the parking lot I saw a small car with the label "Kompressor." With a K. I assume it was the model of car. I don't know about you, but I don’t want to be kompressed. I fear that if I get into that car, I'll be made smaller and denser and will come with a .z file extension. That's not good.