February 4th, 2006


on Purrcilla...

in a comment to a post in wtf_inc about Rex the Homeland Security Mountain Lion, rikoshi has some congratulations for his noble wife Purrcilla.

I, for one, congratulate brave Purcilla on what she's doing. In this post-9/11 world that we live in, where else is a gay cougar ever going to get such a prominent position in the workforce?

I mean, Rex is a Federal spokescat now. If the folks in the Red States had any inclination that after he's done educating the kids about terrorism and hurricanes he heads on down to the Castro to find some leather daddies to suck off, he'd be yanked right out of his office, he'd be publically shamed in front of the whole country, and they'd probably take his two cubs away.

So, thank you, Purcilla, for being the trophy wife for an amazing gentlemen. Perhaps someday, your story can be told, but for now, you're exactly where the USA needs you to be.

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me and my big parselmouth

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From shezan's LJ:

Own Goal

BEHEAD THOSE WHO SAY ISLAM IS VIOLENT: Islamist demonstrator in front of the Danish Embassy in London yesterday.

ETA: Well, it does seem the sign was photoshopped after all. I feel MUCH better now that I know none of these guys meant to be unintentionally funny.

QWP. (The actual sign said "Behead those who insult Islam.")

This is what happens when you think outside the box...

schrodinger proposed his plan in the comments of this hs_forensics post on how to stop Harry Potter fen from arguing that the movies do not accurately reflect the books:

"For instance, no matter how good the latest Harry Potter movie is, you'll always find some fan who will complain about how different it was from the book, because Dumbledore would never throw Harry agaisnt the wall, or some nonsense. And how the world are they going to sum up OotP in just one movie, without dissapointing the readers. My answer: Ban the books. Then everyone will be happy."
Grey Wolf

Intervention at Avengers' HQ

Over at scans_daily, our friend gillen comes up with this little gem in reaction to the debate over the new Tony Stark-created Spidey suit...

Cap'n Murrica: "Peter, we've been talking, and we decided your costume looked kind of... kind of... help me out here, guys."

Thor: "Gay?"

Cap'n Murrica: "Okay. On second thought, don't help me out. Anyway, Tony and I got to talking..."

Spidey: "Tony Stark?"

Cap'n Murrica: "Yeah. Anyway, he's come up with this really nifty power suit for you that..."

Spidey: "Cap, Tony Stark is a raging alcoholic with DTs who dresses like mustard and ketchup."

Cap'n Murrica: "Okay, Pete, we're really going to need you to have a positive attitude about this."

Spidey: "Fuck you, man. Maybe you don't remember so good, but new spideysuits and I don't have a very healthy relationship."

Cap'n Murrica: "Okay, that only happened ONCE, Peter, and I think-"

Spidey: "Yeah, and he keeps coming back every other week, don't he? And you've been wearing the same thing for like 60 years now, haven't you?"

Cap'n Murrica: "It happens to be the flag of our nation, Pete. There's a difference. But a red web? Why red? You see what I'm saying?"

Spidey: "Uh... gee... radioactive spider? Hello? And why aren't you bitching at Thor here? He looks like ABBA covering the Ring Cycle."


Spidey: "Oh, pull the other one, 'hammertime'!"

Cap'n Murrica: "I knew this was going to go poorly..."