February 3rd, 2006

Peg 2015
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To Superbowl or not to Superbowl?

eeknight considers the Superbowl here:

I was considering watching the Superbowl this weekend, even though I don't really care a fig, as it's the last chance to see some pro action until next fall.

And then the radio said that Jessica Simpson would be singing in a Pizza Hut ad.

That settles it. I shall read instead.
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Of Spiders.

edward_hyde considers her birdeater tarantula.

I just realized something.

My dumbass birdeater may or may not be alive, right? But I can't check, because disturbing it might be a disaster if it's not dead. So right now nothing's certain...it could be alive or it could be dead...maybe it won't be either one for sure unless I look. It's undecided. It is both alive AND dead.

Fuck. I have Slazinger's Schrodinger's Spider.
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Draco vs. Mermaid Sue

In a spork on a very Mary Sue story, xevochic says:

My name is Draco Malfoy, who are you? Do you have any clue who you are speaking to?

That sentences makes Draco sound a little crazy.

Draco: Hi, I'm Draco Malfoy. Who are you?
Sue: I'm...
Sue: ...!
Draco: Hi, I'm Draco Malfoy.
Sue: ...

CHILD?! I am no child-

*pulls off helmet dramatically* "I am no Man!"

keep calm and run

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salilus writes in note_to_cat (public post):

Dearest Fionn -

Please stop impersonating a Hoover® Vacuum Cleaner. You do not need to eat every piece of lint that appears on the carpet. When you poop a giant dust bunny that crawls out of your litter box and comes after you, mummy is only going to giggle.

Yours truly,
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no place like home
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xylen in a comment on a customers_suck thread:

I've picked up and dropped off friends at the local Greyhound station a lot and every time I'm there I just want to wander onto a bus, pull out my cellphone, and then whisper loudly into it,"Hello, America's Most Wanted? I'VE FOUND EVERYONE!"

(QWP and some giggling)
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Schoolwork and Phillipino Boys

MetaQuoted from heliosnyx .


"Goodness how the time has flown by since i've done my school work. I just kept telling my self I'll do it tomorrow, I'll do it tomorrow..over, and over again. If things would of kept up like that before you know it I'd of been 40 living with a 20 year old fillapino pool boy named Fernando who only knows one sentence in english "should I take my clothes off now?" Hmm...good thing I started back working on it?"