February 2nd, 2006


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My friend bradbeattie is going to teach English in Japan, and things don't always go smooth...

Anywho, we eventually arrived at Tengachaya station to meet up with our housing agent. My first thought was "how will we recognize him?" This was quickly addressed as I recalled that his name is Patrick and that I've played many games of "One of these things is not like the other".
Drugs are WTF Mmmkay?

Dr Phil, doing what he does horribly.

So Dr. Phil is doing an episode on Polyamory.

Of course, this is Dr Phil, and it's a trainwreck waiting to happen.

Over on polyamory, doctor_samuel has the following to say:

Mr. Forehead, It gives me great joy to introduce you to Miss Desk. May the fruit of your union result in massive enough head trauma to block this idea out of my consciousness. Mazeltov!

I'm sure many of us can share the same sentiment for a LOT of different things.
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Brain Hurts

"oh, Tom Welling. or, 10 The Fog Haikus"

estrella30, after watching the remake of The Fog starring Tom Welling of Smallville, decided to express her reactions in haiku. Here are some of my favorites:

oh, dear, Tom Welling
The Fog was really so bad
so so so so bad

Tom Welling you are
so ridiculously hot
holy crap, thank God

The Fog, god, The Fog
I'm glad I waited to rent
barely worth two bucks

I love Tom Welling
I think I really so must
cause I watched The Fog

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From lemonmoon (with her permission, of course!)

You know why I loathe the movie garden state? I think its' partially that a lot of people like it. I really sometimes cannot get over the bitch that I am,hating established romantic comedies that everyone likes (that's what it was) about 20-something-white-males who find a girl who's all funky and cool and they get together and shmack! His problems are solved! Really, in reality, they'd only stay together until she got bored of his normalness and she'd run off and join a lesbian motorscooter gang until she realized it was a 'questioning phase' and join jehovah's witnesses to find stability.
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Most people in neworleans were a little irritated at the blip about Gulf Coast recovery George W. Bush made in his State of the Union address on Wednesday.

So when rabmatty posted this "gem", revned offered this scathing response:

"Hey, if Bush can still blame 9/11 for everything, I see no reason not to equally blame his administration. Personally, I blame Bush Sr. for not pulling out of Barbara in time."

Well, I laughed.
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[dw] conspire to ignite

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annakovsky has some thoughts on Lord Voldemort:

First of all. He is basically a kid who chose his AIM screenname at age 14 to be something that he thought was really cool and dramatic (kreetureofnight1991!) and now it's 50 years later and he's still stuck with it, because he already has his buddy list and it'd be way too much trouble to change it, isn't he? I mean, Lord Voldemort? Because it is an anagram? I bet when his Death Eaters call him that, he is all, *facepalm* but he pretends he doesn't care and that he still thinks it's cool and not at all embarrassing. Either that, or he and Lucius Malfoy sit around drinking beer and being all, "God, do you remember when I thought 'Voldemort' was a cool name? Man, we were dorks! Oh well, let's go torture some Muggles."

QWP, of course.

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wicked_wish strikes again

Or rather, Spainycat strikes again.

What’d happened, apparently, is that the cat, to express her displeasure, or something, has drawn a treasure map on our carpet, WITH HER ASS. We have got, like skid marks, all of the place, and this is a small apartment, it's not like you could put a pillow or something on top of them.

Oh my god, they’re everywhere! It's like in a hospital, like when they put paint stripes on the floor to tell you how to get to different wings and departments. That is what my apartment looks like, except it all leads to POO. Theres just poo, everywhere. I know she’s a big cat, but I didn’t know she’s literally made entirely of poo. But now I know, so ok.
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astronomy, earth for sale, for sale

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freedomfry has recapped the State of the Union:

BUSH: By 2030, spending for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will be almost 60 percent of the entire federal budget. But you refused to pass my GREATEST PLAN EVER last year…

DEMOCRATS: *standing ovation*

BUSH: I hate you. So I'm backtracking and asking you to form yet another commission to say, 'yup, this is going to be a problem.' Maybe the commission'll come up with a solution before 2030.

CONGRESS: *snickers*

But, wait, there's more!

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Mmm, macaroni!

In dot_pagan_snark, tryst_inn receives an email:

"I am just learning the Craft. I have been reading Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft and To Ride A Silver Broomstick. I think I am probably going to be a solitary witch with Gardnerian Tradition."

badseed1980 replies:

That ain't Craft, honey, it's Kraft. Cheesy and quick to make, but probably not as good as the real thing.

(QWP, comment in locked entry)
me default

Not trying to spam, but my friends' list is funny!

sisabet: she never actually said totally NO coffee
sisabet: I think it was in an avoidy sense
just_eunice: it sounds strongly implied
sisabet: and I have been avoiding it
renenet: do you do anything in moderation?
sisabet: I have totally avoided - we haven't even crossed paths
vagabondage: Renenet... hee! good question
sisabet: like - I know that coffee goes to the gym at a certain time and the grocery after and I totally have not even stalked
sisabet: moderwhation?
zen: LOL


renenet: you are just trying to lull coffee into a false sense of security so it doesn't go for the restraining order

QWP; context here.