January 30th, 2006

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Apparently Shyamalan is making a movie about a sea nymph living in a swimming pool and slammerkinbabe wonders how that works:

Maybe sea nymphs are made of all cartilage, like mice, and they can smoosh up into a thin little wedge and get out through the filters. But then where do they wind up? In the filter with all the leaves and drowned bugs? Maybe she eats the leaves and drowned bugs! That must be it. She just folds herself into a little box and hides in the filter all day, eating all the crap that gets sucked in there, and then at night she squeezes out and swims around, brushing her hair with a pearl-handled comb and singing away. Forget it, I take back all my objections. Clearly this is going to be an awesome movie.
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ZOMG1111 Harper is Bush's lapdog because Moore says he is!

ithasitsmoments's comment referring to the Harper bashing comments responding to a post made by uncut_diamond in canpolitik

Harper chooses Canadian sovereignty over the American position, and he's somehow still a slave to Bush? I love you people, so much fun to read. =D Harper could punch Bush in the face and the Dippers here would say that Harper was initiating a mating ritual. - ithasitsmoments (2006-01-26 11:39 pm UTC)

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...ha! Mating dance!

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ladytear has been playing Chrono Trigger:
I have been endeavouring to defeat one major villain in Chrono Trigger by name of "Magus." What "Magus," obviously a pseudonym, is capable of doing to my pathetic party is not legal in New York State under current laws governing non-consensual sexual relations. I find myself exceedingly peeved at this inexplicable turn of events. Magus is a more difficult foe by several orders of magnitude than all the mini-bosses I handily defeated while stomping my way through an enormous maze of a castle which has rendered me incapable of exercising the better part of valor by retreating, and restocking "tonic" potions which were solely responsible for my ability to at least deal him some damage before experiencing crushing annihilation.

If it is not yet apparent, I have elected to express my frustration in stilted Victorian-era prose rather than my usual method of vulgarity, simply for the novelty of doing so.
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She's such a dork.

The fabulous october31st finds the alcohol affects her synaesthesia in interesting ways, in this post:
I suppose the only advantage of being so drunk it's not even fun anymore was that it did nifty things to my synaesthesia (oh, and some crazy dreams too). I was making associations between the time of night and random words based on colors they shared, and it was so beautiful and perfect I nearly started crying. I bet I'd be really interesting on acid.

For those not in the know, synaesthesia is basically that when you perceive one set of sensory stimuli, another set that's not actually "real" is also perceived in tandem with it. One of the most common experiences is to associate certain colors with numbers or letters, as in my case. So last night it was 11:42, which is to say white white yellow blue, and I thought, wow, that's just like the word illustration, which has all those white i's and l's and a yellow u and a blue a, and if only my clock could read 11:42:10 then it would match with the white i and black o at the end there, and it really IS an illustration, an illustration of how the universe intertwines with itself, and it was so fucking beautiful, man, and dear God this is embarrassing. Heh.
I preserved the formatting because it added to the cuteness of her dorkiness.
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thejennabides has a crush! :0 F-locked, QWP.

I seem to have a crush on one of my co-workers. Not the dog guy. Another guy. And by "guy" I mean "boy". And by "boy" I mean happily married man with a small child. And mainly I mean man as in male. Huh. D'oh. D'OH! *dons 'Worst. Lesbian. Ever.' t-shirt*
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The horruhhh!

Over in my own journal, I posted a silly little poll about a fight to the death between Ernest Hemingway and Jane Austen.

toob had this to say to back up his choice:

[...]when it comes down to it, it's Hemingway vs. Austen. Hemingway was a firesnorting, pugilistic, testosterone-overdosed maniac. Austen was a four foot nothing embroiderist who thought it was dramatic when a woman got a haircut. Hemingway fought in wars and could punch rhinoceroses to death.

Truer words were (probably) never spoken.