January 29th, 2006

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mousme shows restraint

After stepping on glass shards left behind by her cats' romp with Christmas ornaments:

I love my cats, but I swear, sometimes they come perilously close to becoming hats.

QWP from here.
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Eddie Is Not Listening

pouringsand and her new boss...

...are not getting along, to put it mildly.

My new workplace productivity is somewhat perverse in view of the treatment my company's been dishing out. I've become a store spiffifying machine, even creating festive Valentine's Day endcaps. It's like a sickness, really. And every day, my beautification is interrupted by my boss and his latest, overly solicitous phone call asking if there's anything I might need. However faux-happy he sounds, I can go the extra distance and out-sugar him... I am both female and raised Southern. I can give him diabetes through voicemail if necessary. This one, he won't win.


Please let it be noted that I am hereby formally applying for the position of Dean of Every Kind of Research Everywhere. I will give out the money. I will spank the idiots and send them away emptyhanded. I
will preclude the development of dumb and dangerous medical procedures. And we'll know a lot more about premodern epidemics, because that's what I want to know about. Hire ME! /Zim.

-- garrity, here. (Post sprinkled with four-letter words.)
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Best. Bush bash. Ever!

tedwords laments the continuing over-use and abuse of the "Best. (Fill in the blank followed by a period) Ever!" motif;

From the journal of George W. Bush

"Me like being President better than living in Bizarro world. Best. Right wing conspiracy. Ever!"

From here, where you'll find plenty more fine examples.
runaway wolf


Just another part of life here in Alaska that nagrom523 is slowly getting accustomed to:

Last night we stayed at our friend Eric's house, so as to not further impose on her parents. Went in to grab some stuff this morning, and it was 10 degrees . . . below zero . . . indoors. We went back there at lunch to start up the fire again, and it was negative 12 degrees.

Did any of you know that vegetable oil could freeze? How about dish soap? Apparently dish soap freezes by 10 degrees below.

The warmest place in our house right now is inside the refrigerator!!!!

I may die.

The State of the Union... is sad...

banrai posted a disturbing article on cyberpunk today.

"We have to have more detention space." --George W. Bush, Nashville, TN 01 Feb 2006

So, again,

Are concentration camps around the corner?

Included in the comments is a post concerning an exercise held in 1985 to practice detaining large numbers of Amercian citizens. It is truly frightening at times what Big Brother can do...

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Funny from scarletdemon

Context is here.

Hahahaha! Imagine God up in Heaven, saying,

"I was going to let that idiot get his leg chopped off but he's with that nice Christian insurance company, where the staff pray to me...I don't want to damage their profits or give them MORE bloody claims to handle...OK, Gabriel, pop down and pull him AWAY from the farm machinery will ya?".

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(no subject)

This is a repeat, sorry guys. It was deleted the first time around 'cause of rules and stuff. But since Jessi owns my eternal soul, I must make sure she can be found eternally on metaquotes

this morning i was crying at animal planet. i checked my calendar, and no, i am not pms'ing.

fastgetaway, here, in a friends-locked post, and a screenshot to prove that I got permission for it (before I posted it the first time, even!). Sorry about the mix up! I guess I'm just too used to being trustworthy :P
Bob dylan


It was quicksilverclaw's first day of chemestry class...

"Today was the first day, so they just gave us the introductory speech, showed us around the laboratories (my TA gestured carelessly to the corner and said "Burn shower's over there, you can check it out if you want..." - I feel safe. Not.), made us go through the equipment to make sure the last batch of students didn't steal any precious scummy beakers or flasks, and lastly told us what to do in the event that Dr. Laude takes out half the building in a fiery explosion and we have to run for our lives, white lab coats a-flapping. That's because we're in the experimental chemistry building where all the big-time professors and their legions of grad students are doing important research and grant work and such, and apparently they've had an alarming number of fires in there over the years. My money's on Laude - if anyone can blow up Welch Hall, he can. Go, man, go!"
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