January 28th, 2006


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In response to this article, withiel said the following:

So, if you were to ask me, an untrustworthy bisexual man, whether I was gay, I would say "no". Equally, if you were to ask me if I was straight, I would also say "no". This is because bi people are neither of these things. Actually, if you were to approach me and question me about my orientation, I'd be much more likely to say "BEGONE FROM MY SIGHT, FOUL CREATURE, BEFORE I RELEASE THE PANTHER" and then relase the panther anyway.

More (with very strong language) to be found http://withiel.livejournal.com/10796.html
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Mistful Dreams


I post about cleaning house, and in a resultant thread, how I accidentally broke the microwave for the third time.

meteorspark replies: Oh, but that's cute in the way that -- I don't know, say you had a boyfriendtypecreature and he decided to make you dinner and he burnt the chicken -- it's cute like that.

A boyfriend-type-creature. XD Yes.
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Bonus points for making me laugh while not feeling well...

faerykat isn't feeling well, and has this to say about it:

earlier, i had a headache and told someone my head felt like it was stuffed with rotting tires. ( i was trying to think of something that'd be kinda hard, kinda squishy, and kinda drippy all at the same time.)

that was around 7:00. now it's 9 and my head feels like it's stuffed with the whole rotting car, with the spare tires lodged somewhere in my neck and shoulders.

i think i need a massage. either that or a good mechanic.

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ladytear curses the fact that time is linear:
Damn you, physics! Damn you and your lack of privileged frames of reference!

Einsteinian joke++.

C++ joke++.

Ooooooh, self-referential!

PS - Don't use that Einstein joke, because it doesn't really make sense from a physics perspective, it just makes me look smart if you don't understand general relativity. If you do, it's not funny. Just a fair warning in case you might end up looking like a jackass by accident . . . if you're prone to wander about making jokes at stray physicists . . . do any of you even know any physicists?