January 27th, 2006

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msloz is having a strange day...made me laugh anyway. (flocked post QWP)


So, my GBFF (Gay Best Friend Forever) wants to date GIRLS now. Because, and I quote 'Guys are generally into cock and only wanna get laid'.

I think the epicenter of my earth just fell out.

The gay are becoming straight

The straight are becoming gay

The only person within a 5 mile radius of me with decent music taste admitted to liking Alannis Morissette tonight

And the biggest thing to make the headlines in Britain this year so far involved a whale.

I think I may have woken up in a parallel universe.

Shame I wasn't skinnier in it, eh? :p

Jim Henson is rolling in his grave.

If ever I could metaquote an entire entry, this would be it.

An example (re: the Four Tones, an inane group on a children's TV show):


Each time they introduce a new song, they say in unison, "Remember: Do what the Do-Wahs do!", and the muppets say, "Do what we do!".
I attempted a google search for the Do-Wahs in hopes of capturing an image of their hideousness, but Google responded with: Did you mean: "do what they do what do"?

*Google explodes*

They are followed by acts like the Beat Team who appear to be four teenagers with smiles unnaturally huge who attempt to beat-box with all the style and grace of a non-verbal three year old. Their masterpieces include, "Scritchy, scritch, scratch, scritchy! Zip, zip, zip, zippy!" Then they smile, showing glaring white teeth and haunted eyes that plead with viewers to support physician-assisted suicide.


Rant on, my friend... rant on.

(courtesy of babyslime)
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ESotSM - Save Me

The *wrong* kind of S&M

thelastmehina was griping about her terrible succession of past lovers in bad_sex in this post. She and the lover in question seem to have, well, different tastes on what's considered kinky or sexy.

(Note: I have no qualms with people who do, in fact, believe that it's wrong to hit someone you love, no matter how much they want it. I just tend to believe that they shouldn't date people who are into S&m. It just seems like a good policy).

Doesn't sound like the best match for her, imho...

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UNM undergrad, spanklin, has a conversation with her kooky mom about the unsuspected resignation of the University's President, here.

Moving right along, my mom called me and woke me up from a much-needed nap today to have this conversation with me.

Me: Hello?
Mom: You forgot to give me my umbrella when you were over here earlier.
Me: (*Yawn! Stretch!*) Hmmm? Uhhh, oh. OK.
Mom: Well, it's OK. Maybe it will rain and you'll need it.
Me: Yeah, maybe.
Mom: Did you know that UNM needs a new president?
Me: Oh yeah, I read about that in the Lobo.
Mom: YOU should apply!!
Me: ?!
Mom: He makes $300,000 a year. You should try and maybe they'll hire you!
Me: I don't want to be the president of UNM.
Mom: FOR $300,000?!
Me: (*Sigh*) Yeah, OK, Mom. I'll get right on it.

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OMGboysex! - Velvet Goldmine

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shaggydogstail gives us all a lesson on Scripture:
Members of the flock will doubtless be aware of the controversy surrounding one much maligned verse in Bible, namely Leviticus 18:22

Man shall not lie with another man as with a woman: it is an abomination.

. . . . .

The true meaning of the above passage is God's own clarion call from more realism in slash fiction. Making one 'the girl' has incurred God's wrath, for He abhors whiny emo bottoms and will wreak bloody vengeance upon those false prophets who write of feeble nancy boys with piss poor characterisation. Verily, they shall be cast out of paradise and made to suffer eternal torment in the fiery pits of Hades. (FF.net)
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Stock; Swings
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Trying to guess what my favourite animal is, given the clues: Lives in streams, rivers, and lakes of Eastern Australian coastal regions and think weird looking, crossover between two speices, kind of.
The awesome lyric_splat comes up with a couple of possibilites and gets it right.

I don't think turtles live in streams. What the hell else lives in Australia apart from wombats and man-eating spiders?! A dragonfly? Platypus? An Eastern-Australian dorsal-finned aquatic hedgehog? WHAT?!

Default - Blue dragonfly


ursulav is at it again, discussing the urges she gets to draw erotica
I suspect the reason I get this twitch is often because of the terribly nice people who write to tell me about the childlike innocence of my work, a statement flattering and appreciated and I know very well meant, and which is unfortunately guaranteed to make me want to start painting strap-ons on every canvas in the house
one of the items in question was the illustrated Kama Sutra, and I thought, as I always think when this volume crosses my consciousness, "Man, it'd be funny as hell to illustrate that with hamsters."
The other, and probably more major problem is that their little legs are way too short and you couldn't get 'em into half the positions. I suppose I could do it with frogs. (The Rana Sutra?) Do frogs even have penises? I'm a little scared to Google and find out.
Go, go read the whole thing, you'll enjoy it
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