January 25th, 2006


The concrete jungle

litharriel has something to say to people who complain about grass between them and their blessed suites at her hotel:

Jesus-H-Freaking-Christ-on-a-Tricycle-Wearing-a-Propeller-Beanie! WTF?????? Is THIS what the human race has devolved to??? THIS is supposed to be the height of evolution on this planet???? Top of the freaking food chain????? If it can't be eaten, sold, or otherwise USED UP, what is it? What is it?? It's a nuisance, isn't it?? It's just something to be ripped up, exterminated, or otherwise tossed aside rather than appeciated for it's simple beauty and the neat squooshy feeling of walking through it barefoot.


Context? I got yer stinkin' context right here!

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Taken from a flocked entry from the always-fabulous missmp (QWP to save souls):

"Found at TWoP:

Scott Withers, executive vice president of programming for the gay friendly Q Television Network, said the following:

"One of the drives for us will be an episodic show," he says. "We're not sure if it's going to be a comedy or drama. I'm personally pushing for a GLBT science-fiction show, but I don't know if I can find a staff that can pull that off."

That sound you heard? Was thousands of slashers updating their resumes."
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The Joy of Tabs

brooklinegirl switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox and has become completely enamoured of the browser tab function. Today she shared her joy with her friends list, which inspired this gem of a comment from slodwick:

Browser tabs [are] like tiny internet kisses from GOD.

There is also a fair amount of speculation in the comments as to whether or not Callum Keith Rennie wears underwear, inspired by his guest-appearance on Mutant X.
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The analogy plane got derailed somewhere...

Seems a client of a techsupport member couldn't understand why, after her dialup connection choked on a six-meg email, its next attempt would download other emails a second (third, fourth, fifth) time. We considered that a valid point of confusion and tried to come up with good but non-technical ways to explain how the server and email client were failing to communicate properly. Enter bard_mercutio:

"Your mother made you a pie. Partway out the door, she trips and spills the pie. Now, she *could* bring you the smooshed pieces with the gravel in them, but she's your mother. She bakes you a new pie. But she's never gonna get through the door as long as your father is building that shark pit in front of it."
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Traditional Marriage Under Attack in Canada?

Context: Canada passed same-sex marriage laws recently. We had a federal election even more recently. Some candidates tried to re-open the same-sex marriage debate under the "protect traditional marriage" banner, to which ambiviolent has this to say:

Excuse me. I'm a little put out. Y'see, my good friend and landlady is married to a guy. I'm married to a guy. And because we're traditionally married, we're under attack. Yep. Bombs. They keep on falling on us. Crawling under the straffing fire to get through the front door? Getting on my nerves. And don't get me started on the asssasins in the kitchen. Damn assasins! Can't I cook some pasta in peace!? No cookie for you!

Of Buddhists, Hindus, off-site customer service call centers and internationally-shagging-flags

So, it's been an amusing day on my friendslist...

ladybretagne, here,
So Jenn got some boxes of stuff in the mail from her parents today, including a couple jewelry/keepsake boxes of old stuff. In one of them, this odd nylon web bracelet with this pattern and "P.R.A.Y." on it was included. I suppose some could consider it questionable that my first thought was "it looks like the German and Irish flags are getting it on!" And this doesn't even cover the fact that the pattern is apparently called the "Bible Rainbow".

margorand, here (there's more but it's friendslocked, tho QWP),
"Hi, um, the Dalai Lama is Buddhist, jackass. And Gandhi was a political leader. India's a big place, it's got room for Buddhists and Hindus and Hare Krishnas and political activists and off-site customer service call centers and everything."
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This metaquote was brought to you by...

My friend, tempest_mrc works in a pharmeceutical call centre. This is one of the reasons he's glad he's not in Quality Assurance:

Today I was sitting at my desk listening to one of the reps within earshot. She was giving a customer the confirmation number for a refund. She was reading each number and letter individually... towards the end I heard the following:

"...the letter 'A' as in 'apple' - the letter 'E' as in 'igloo' - the letter '9'..."

If I ever had to spend my day listening to things like that I would have made my way up to the roof of the building and thrown myself off a long time ago.

F-locked, QWP.
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Hot intergalactic god-despot on intergalactic god-despot action

So over on scans_daily, a post of scans from the Batman/Spider-Man crossover (in which Carnage teams up with The Joker) led to a "whose villains are better: Marvel or DC?" discussion. In which voodoo_franklin posted this:
On the other hand, who would win, Thanos or Darkseid? I say Thanos, cause he wants to fuck Death, and cause he killed half the universe. Suck on that mr , "I have a planet, but it is all dried up and shitty"