January 24th, 2006

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Popslash is the Best Fandom?

Stolen with permission from saffronra:

</span>"Checked on the internet, discovered (via </a></b></a>trumpeterofdoom) that popslash really is the best fandom with the best cannon because Lance Bass set himself on FIRE trying to get to an 11" dildo. There are no adequate words to cover this."

What an image to get stuck in your head at work...

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This is bat country...

your_bad_dream had a run-in with a bat, and reminisces:

I would like to say that my father is not a puppy kicker, or kitty thrower (he in fact secretly cuddles the cats when he thinks no one is looking) nor does he regularly practice genocide on bats (batacide?). He will, however, protect his hearth and home from screaming-hissing-won't-die bats, as I think all fathers should.

QWP from here. The whole entry's pretty funny (although, I should warn you, one of the stories is the death of the above-mentioned bat), as she discusses the many bat run-ins of her life.
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geeks only...

OK, so when the physicschicks community was "spammed" by someone who said "Covert to Chaucer before it's too late!" - the lovely enigmania had this to say:

When manifold with field smooth
the shape of space is given by the route
and change of every vector in the manner
of such gravity engendered by the matter

When electrons seek with each flight
inspired in div and grad and curl
the tendre curves, and light of the sonne
hath in the sky such a cours yronne

And small quarks maken melodye
That form al the baryon with exchange
(So packed by gluons in triple arranges)
Thanne longen folk to goon study physics


(no subject)

brotherlawrence has delivered the best play-by-play of Canada's 39th general election that I've seen thusfar. It goes through the day's events, bit by bit:

8:04 AM: Paul Martin sits weeping at his breakfast table, wondering when it all went so wrong. Polling indicates C36/L29/NDP18/BQ12/G4. Steven Harper slides a slice of raw meat through Rob Anders cage and cackles. "Soon, my pretty" he says; "you will roam free, and they shall know our wrath!" Conservative minority predicted.

8:10 AM: New negative campaign ads released. "Paul Martin has never gone on record saying he doesn't eat babies..." "Hello, I'm Paul Martin. I'm here to tell you that Steven Harper, given the option, would share makeouts with George Bush." polls: C35/L28/NDP18/BQ13/G5

9:00 AM: The ballots officially open. The shockwave caused by millions of Canadians rushing to the polling stations deafens absolutely nobody. Scientists conclude that there may, in fact, have been no such rush.

9:01 AM: The sound of tumbleweed is followed by that of crickets.

The whole post is hilarious. Go, read, laugh, and then cry when you remember who's now in power.

bounce bounce bounce

On the subject of proper 'support' when jogging, discordia_eris has this to say here

Dear Newbie to Jogging, Who Runs Past My House,

Keep it up, you're getting there. You're still flailing around like a demented octopus on crack, but this will get better in time. However, take the advice of someone else who is - shall we say, "generously endowed"? - and invest in a good sports bra. Lady, you are SERIOUSLY going to give yourself concussion with those things bouncing around like that.

I'm just sayin'.

REALLY not thinking of the result of said exercise in 20 years time *shudder*,

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(no subject)

shaddi2003 works in a photo processing department and rants about the different kinds of one-hour-photo people here.

#3 Unjustified: The "I just found these rolls of film" people. They weren't important for the past five years, but now, now all of a sudden it's a matter that needs handled in precisely one hour.

Whenever I get one of these rolls of film, I imagine that I'm about to develop pictures of who really killed Kennedy. So far no film to substantiate my claim that it was Dr. Phil who did him in.

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New member

In a post on his personal LJ (http://columnsbydave.livejournal.com/1434.html), columnsbydave discovers the very first retcon

However, the deaths are really what get what. What is dead, stays dead. There is no cure. At all. So I recently decided to look fore the core, what started all of this hoopla. What work, where? And, after hours careful research the library (rather, wacthing at least one very famous movie every weekend for the last few months) I have come up with something. I have found the first retcon:

In the New Testament, Jesus is recoreded coming back to life after a very clear death.
Artsy me - by Micha
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Bedroom work-out

Found on bad_sex, by nonstick:

if the condom is of the safer variety (ie the free ones available from the doctors'), then i feel pretty much nothing and may as well be doing press-ups on my bed naked.

Let me know if this is naughty enough for a cut. Seemed tame to me.