January 22nd, 2006

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This weekend my nephew (he's three and a half) was visiting and fell asleep on the couch while we were all watching TV. No one minded because he does this from time to time and it was nice to have him be quiet for once.

Of course, the TV got loud at one point and sort of woke him. He sat up on the couch, shouted "A PICKLE!" and went back to sleep.

We all went into hysterics and taunted each other all weekend by randomly calling out "A PICKLE!" at inoppertune moments. :D

--van in the_color_wheel, here.

Also, *pimps community* the_color_wheel, modded by yours truly, is a great community. If you have any funny sleeptalk stories, or would like to read them, you should join!


In the community dear_stupid, dani_kitty wrote this in a letter to the NYPD:

Dear NYPD,

I respect you guys, I truly do. You make far too little to be dealing with the sorts of morons, thugs, and retards you have to put up with every single day.


Friday marked the third time in two months that you've stopped me to check my bag in your "random" searches. Osama bin Laden is not hiding in a fat girl's bright pink leopard print bag.

I don't know, if I wanted to hide from the US Government, a leopard print bag might be a comfy place.
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At scans_daily, the crack is always fresh. In a recent post, multjiang revealed once and for all the awful, emo love between Batman/Superman. digital_femme replied:

The only way it could possibly be better is if the next panel involves Robin badmouthing Superman while Batman turns to Robin and screams, "You don't know him like I know him!"

Then Batman jumps on his canopy bed and cries into his pillow.

The post itself had me lightheaded with hysterical laughter, but this was just the icing on the cake :D
Me Eating Cadbury Creme Eggs NOMNOMNOM.

The aliens are definately laughing

In ohnotheydidnt, turi posted about a new movie about to be released called Sodom and Gomorrah.

"First the techno remix, then the porno and now...

Yay it's the anti-Brokeback movie!
(or the Christian Right's response, sadly not starring Kirk Cameron :( )

'Michael abandons his church, family, and home for his new life with his lover Jimmy. His one choice sets off a firestorm of events that will consume everyone in its path.'"

Then (my favorite part) katndhat33 comments:

"Oh noez! teh gayness will make us all burn in hell!!!!

I hate to break it too the filmakers but it's stuff like this that makes the aliens laugh at us and not want to bring back Elvis."

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Stop calling!

I've been lurking a bit, and figured I'd try posting something. If you're Canadian and sick of the election by now, you might appreciate superhamster's feelings about being bothered over the phone. From a locked post, but quoted with permission.

I just got harassed by some local conservative grassroot organization. Now I don't feel like voting for them anymore :{ Next time they call, I'm just going to say I'm a NDP whore. And if some NDP jerk calls I'll say I'm a Tory fag. And if the Liberals call, I'm a Communist.

Stop calling!
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