January 21st, 2006

Heart of glass

Killer Rabbits of Love

seidoo_ryuu recounts her school district's obsession with Romeo and Juliet, and her jealousy of her cousin for the movie version that class got to watch, now with 50% more batshit insanity.

My cousin, on the other hand, was not so lucky. In her school, her English teacher had had the foresight to simply tape over the offending scene completely. No boobs, no tan lines, no fast-forward buttons, no Tit Incidents. But the movie he chose to insert over the boob scene? A clip from a particularly bad B-grade horror film called 'Night of the Lepis', which featured giant killer rabbits (yes, rabbits), hopping around and, um, being destructive, I guess. This is a movie I've wanted to see ever since. Anyway, my cousin described the experience of watching the altered version of Romeo and Juliet to me. She said it was a long stretch of boring, boring film, when suddenly, the film went staticky for a second--and the next thing everyone knew, there were these giant bunnies hopping around on the screen, and a lot of people screaming in terror. After a few minutes, it went back to the boring movie. So instead of 60 seconds of potential nudity-induced trauma, the class got treated to the mind-splitting craziness of giant killer rabbits.

Post is here, and the whole thing's a giggle-inducing read.
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realdaisygamgee had this to say about sci-fi/fantasy conventions:

"Either I don't have the real soul of a fangrrl, or I just remember fondly the Way Things Used To Be--but for the prices charged at these huge conventions for photo ops and autographs, I want a lap dance and a discount on a blow job, too. Jayzus.

PS--No, I am not joking. On your knees, Monaghan. I ain't payin' just to look."

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A day in the life of a Vampire.

Opera discusses horror stories and the lack of originality here and the talk inevitably turns to the generally shallow depiction of vampires. The whole post pwns but this bit in particular stuck out.

opera142: "Do vampires have a culture other than hanging around, looking slinky in leather catsuits? Is there a vampire Emeril? Bamming out the blood recipes on the undead network?"

Kew Double Ewe Pee of course.
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Squee Kitty

Maybe you should dress yourself next time?

Before heading out for a night on the town, ursa_mater got some fashion advice.

On a personal note, never let younger seeester make decisions on what I am going to wear for undergarments. She's a great girl and all, but damn she's kinky. And I am going to say absolutely nothing about the fact that I had that style available as a choice to begin with.
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