January 18th, 2006

kangaroo... or KANGAJEW?

Fun with vocabulary!

thepieandi (in this unlocked post, quoted with permission) is tryin' to get some new words to catch on...

I implore everyone to start using the following phrases in everyday conversation (or whenver it comes up):

Noun, a young, insipid, myspace using teenager, who is wont to really enjoy Death Cab, Hot Hot Heat, and My Chemical Romance, and probably wears big sunglasses; I went into the record shop, and a bunch of sceneyboppers were there!

Verb, to repeatedly and unnecessarily remaster or reedit an old work (usually a movie or album), either out of sheer self-indulgence or the desire for money; George Lucas has become well known as remaster-bating all over his classic Star Wars trilogy.
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Hitchcock wank

One of my fellow mice (in this case, kat) at Fandom Wank, made a delightful comment about squabbling between Remus/Sirius shippers and Remus/Tonks shippers.

Lovely Sparkly Context!

See, the problem with the R/T-hating R/S shippers is that they don't realize the potential for the great, twisted Vertigo-inspired darkfic that could come out of it!

"The color of your hair... Tonks, please, it can't matter to you."
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ditzy_pole tells us about the chavs in her area.. ammused me greatly

"I can't imagine them standing over it and toasting marshmellows whilst holding hands. They lit it and with their I-have-rickets style walk went off somewhere, probably to have a Hooch fueled orgy in some bushes to spawn even more chavs."



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absolutely hilarious, in the midst of talking about interactions with hobos:

rastnim: *Once a hobo stopped me in the street, lifted up my shirt, stuck his grubby fucking finger in my belly button and went "cor, I could lick that out all night" then "can I have your number?"

To ring me on WHAT exactly!? I can see the dates now - out for a meal = going through the neighbors litter.*

linky: http://www.livejournal.com/community/wtf_inc/2204676.html?view=41989892#t41989892
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Zombie bunnies

faeriecween asks "What would zombie bunnies eat?", to which sexygoldfish_uk responds:
Zombie bunnies would eat almost anything.

They are not, however, as bad a zombie goats. Zombie goats would eat everything, leading to the destruction of the entire universe as they eat through the space/time continuum and the creation of a black hole.

All true I tell, never allow anyone to create zombie goats!
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Roonzil Wassup ...?

I asked viciousbleu to explain to me about some Harry Potter in-joke, and she happened to provide me with this this little gem:

....Ron gets drunk. On potions *allegedly*, but I have my suspicions. Anywho, he somehow begins referring to himself as Roonzil Wassup (or something like that).

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QWP, y'all.
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modillian gets medieval with her love for livejournal:

But gladly my black nature has not popped up anywhere else. Forsooth, I spew my acidic vitriol for only thou, livejournal. See, I was productive in all the best ways in RL this week: I turned in the job app, I will probably get the two prof recs by the end of the week, I found info on the summer program, I e-mailed updates to the fam. Kudos, me! Now I can continue to freak people out on LJ by discussing the essential qualities of darkfiction and why exactly purgatory mindfuckery is valuable in weekly installments. Ah, LJ *kisses you, you inconstant fishmonger*