January 16th, 2006


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First time metaquoting...let's see if I do it right.

Yesterday, milestogo13 got an anonymous comment on an entry he made about 6 months ago about the overblown, silly lyrics of a song he heard. Anonymous presented a thought-provoking rebuttal, which in turn prompted milestogo13 to break down the argument and analyze it, bit by bit. Here's a highlight:

"3) wtf?

A masterful stroke, similar I believe to the one Kennedy used in his crushing defeat of Nixon in the first televised presidential debate. In cruel actuality, I am forced to move on to the next point because I simply cannot counter this sling, this arrow so masterfully cast in my direction, piercing the very nature of my articulation to the core. Wtf indeed..."

The rest of the post is here, and is definitely worth a read.

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In this discussion of Law and Order: SVU over in weirdjews, ravrhi relates a personal anecdote:

Yeah well, it is like my aunt's children asking me, "Doesn't it bother you that you are going to Hell?"

"Why am I going to Hell?"

"Because you're Jewish- you haven't accepted Jesus."

"Is that so? Well. Is there anything you'd like me to tell Jesus when I see him? He was Jewish too, so we will likely be roommates- I mean, he was a BIG Jew- a rabbi, no less!"

"Mommy! Cousin said Jesus is in Hell!"

*snort, chortle, laugh*
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Michael Is My Superman.

More from statements. By far my favourite LJ community.

diraskyria confesses that need for sleep drove her to 'concieving up relationships for the alphabet' here in statements

lady1raven replied with:

It all started when O began to realize that while it was always near R, L and Y, they were a tight-knit group that O was not truly part of. O quietly resented this, and abandoned R, L and Y altogether when Y's identical twin sibling and its mate A showed up.

N, who had been very lonely, took in O. All was not well with the others, and after a great deal of drama A left Y's twin and fell in with W and I, and the three later became friends with N and O.

Y's accusations of N and O drawing W, A and I into punctuation abuse have thus far been unverified.

Some of the other comments are good too :)

I'm sure his platform involves blood subsities.

mike_smith has a hilarious comment on the Vampire for Governor deal.

Also, what the hell is the connection between "vampyres", witches, and pagans? The last time I checked, the latter two were recognized religions, while vampires remain firmly entrenched in the world of made-up crap people imitate as a fetish or something. This would be like naming a party the "Judeo-Christian-Cowboy Bebop Cosplay Alliance" or something. At least, that's what I'm assuming until someone explains to me why vampyres deserve my tolerance and respect, which I'm pretty sure isn't gonna happen.

cynical, but amusing

sage grouse had this to say in brutal_honesty "Although I hate thieves more than anything, because theft is probably the pussiest crime ever (next to child molestation and jaywalking of course), I can't stop laughing at the fact that you're a black guy, dispelling stereotypes as always, by stealing money and buying gym shoes with it. CHEERS."

Context: http://www.livejournal.com/community/brutal_honesty/2347269.html


geez i hope i did this right



Nat's Boobehs

First posting?

hoshi_inu and the original (locked) QWP

Exciting news: [ Bet everyone will skip through the above and come straight to this.. c__c ] Buttons is pregnant *bounds about happily*

As said to Natty;

Cons; Buttons is really young [ In breeding, you’re supposed to wait until the female is at least 2 years of age ], Total incest man, Going to be a bit costly, She’ll probably give birth in a bad place [ Like on my bed XD XD ], Have to give them all away when they’re old enough
And the pros? =D'
That just says it all

... And you know, I so joined this (as opposed to lurking) Just to post this ^__^; And yes, Buttons is a cat c_c And I'm so sorry if I posted this in the wrong community. *Badly a n00b*
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