January 15th, 2006

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Now that's service!

nedroid discovers some bells and whistles:

So I just got an AIM notification in Trillian that I have a new AIM Mail Message. This strikes me as odd, as this has never happened before, and I wasn't aware that I technically had an AIM Mail account. So I leapt through flaming hoops and jumped hurdles at the terrible, bloated website to actually sign in and check it, only to find an email... from AOL... encouraging me to sign up for AIM Mail? At least that's what I gleaned from the subject, since trying to open it crashed my browser.

Nice job, AIM Mail! I'll totally be sure to use you in the future!

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Some choice excerpts from dear_multiverse.

On a discussion of manic-depression:
icemasta (aka the Transformer Snowcat): *laughs* I just made fun of them.

But I don't get depressed much, only when real bad stuff happens. I just like to shoot things and fly around and cackle.
scheming_bitch: That is completely pipe1.
icemasta: Pipe? Is that good or bad? Because I don't take it up the exhaust pipe if that's what you're talking about

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On Biblical Chore Division

Over in ask_me_anything, a question was asked about where in the bible it says "no premarital sex".

notenoughcoffee: Its about preserving your body for your true love.

palmer_kun: One true love, huh?

You ever see how many wives the people in the bible had?

Solomon (who was VERY holy) had SEVEN HUNDRED wives. And three hundred concubines on top of them!

grandwazooo: that leaves 400 wives with no concubine on top of them - I guess they do the cooking and cleaning....
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Slash Fan Physics

thefourthvine just posted a slash vid recs list, in which she said that the original Star Trek was, well, somewhat cheesy. the_star_fish then commented, “ST:TOS was My First Fandom, btw. Behold the power of cheese,” to which thefourthvine replied:
Cheese: it drives the fannish universe. (In our universe, we don't have gravity, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear; we have cheese, sexual chemistry, prettiness, and kink.)

Note: I am using my new Odilon Redon Everywhere Eyeballs Are Ablaze icon in honor of the vid in question, “Closer,” which is non-con Kirk/Spock set to the Nine Inch Nails song.
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extempore gives an account of a recent Scrabble tournament...

One game my opponent opened with IMPLY and I said "hold!", preparing to challenge this ridiculous so-called word... I mean, IMP-LY? IMP is a noun! Does she think I'm stupid? Then I noticed. This is a common failing with scrabble players because we start parsing words funny after staring at word lists for so long. Geary told me someone challenged him when he played RE-ACHES. Then later he extended it to PRE-ACHES but couldn't draw a second challenge. One time in the days I was learning the 3s I was testing myself and came across WAS. I pronounced it to rhyme with "BAAS" and determined it was not a word... come on, what's a WA? My wife enjoys reminding me of that one.

Lots of gold in the comments thread as well.