January 14th, 2006

Adam Dark
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Time vs Necessity

mrpyro has some trouble with the idea of a [grindcore] band called Agoraphobic Nosebleed:

I'm just trying to wrap my head around the concept of an agoraphobic nosebleed. Surely if it was agoraphobic it would want to stay inside the nice small space of the nose, rather than leaving the comfort of it and going into a wide open space.

Plus, it's just a shit name. I mean, how did they pick it? Randomly sticking pins in a medical dictionary? Should we be expecting names like Syphilitic Hairball next? Neurotic Toothache? Delusional Hernia? Where will the madness end?

(From comments in a locked post of my own)
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"Head Convo AGAIN..."

So, sarmajere, (here), was looking at a Christian bookstore's webpage for historical books and realised that certain titles sold there do not apply...
"Emotional Purity..."
'*SNORT* YOU aren't emotionally pure.'
"...Are any of us?"
"Infeldelity of the heart..."
'So that's our problem.'
"Yeah. :P"
'Are we Emotional Whores?'
"YOU are."
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(no subject)

As you may or may not know, YTMND and eBaum's World -- that celebrated den of thievery -- have been pretty much going at it. On the subject of hiring a lawyer to smack eBaum down, kelschuu of JournalFen has this to say:

"So how did all these non-profit websites hire a top-notch lawyer to make this E. Baum guy pay out the rear?"

"Well, everyone on the internet donated a dollar."

"...Everyone on the internet? Like, the whole internet?"

"Well, some kids in underpriveledged countries couldn't afford a dollar, so they just put their names in and people with the extra money to spare donated a second dollar in their name."

"...So, like, the whole internet?"

"...The guy's a real asshole."

(Comment here, thread linked to above. :))