January 11th, 2006

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Grand theft what?

jackthomas here:
So I was thinking today, what kind of computer game would I make?

Grand Theft Ikea - In the stylish warehouse of your nearest Ikea store a battle continues everyday. Take the part of James Lucan as he battles his way through dozens of isles of mayhem and confussion. Ride your trolly, perform crazy stunts and use many minimalist sweedish home products as deadly weapons.
That's the whole post, there is no context.

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pottersues posted a fic that was a crossover of Harry Potter and Power Rangers (??). This spawns a number of comments ranging from "ew, power rangers" to "ooh, power rangers!" to "OMGWTFBBQ??!!11!!??" But my favorite by far was in palantiriel's comment:

I just want to [hear] Voldemort saying "make my monster grow!"

[end transmission]
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I love how they call it woohoo.

halften on the relative height of underwear on old people.
Making my two gay sims woohoo isn't nearly as fun now they've become 'elders' and have suddenly developed bad cases of singlets instead of nakedness. The comedian I saw the other day, Fin, was right. As you get older your pants certainly get higher. Even in video games.
That's the whole post; it's here, but it's locked. QWP.
deelieboppers sharpened

Her screaming wakes the dead!

For me it is not so much that john_tangnet snores, it is that he periodically *stops* snoring.

Thus convincing me, on a deep, visceral level, that he is dead.

Truly, deeply dead, and that I must now sit up in bed and scream in order to fix it.

(Emphasis added.)
- still_asking, here, in response to my post about couples who sleep apart.
Death smiling

I got better!

archaica and I engaged in some commentary on slammerkinbabe's entry about the whole James Frey debacle, and I had to share his awesomeness with y'all. (For those of you not following the scandalous lives of the literary set, Frey's a memoirist who, according to what I've read, made up a heck of a lot of what he wrote.)

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Wank on!

President Bush recently signed into law a prohibition on posting annoying Web messages or sending annoying e-mail messages without disclosing your true identity. As you can imagine, denizens of cyberspace freaked right the hell out. Fortunately, alchemy_gryph had some reassuring words on the subject, which ladybirdsleeps thoughtfully posted at fanficrants:
[T]he statute is not a threat to free speech. You are still allowed to tell people online that their fanfic sucks and their grammar sucks and your eyes are bleeding from their sheer inability to write and that you've exhausted your supply of Pepto Bismol and holy shit please for the love of God find another hobby. You are just not allowed to tell them from an anonymous account that you are coming over to their house with a .38 Special because their fanfic sucks.

The American Constitution protects the Rights of Man. It does not guard against the Hurt Feelings of Man.

Wank on.

When knitting meets Harry Potter. . .

On an exchange on my LJ comparing the virtues of the Batsignal or the Dark Mark on your underwear, carad_elmare says:

I mean, the batsignal on undergarments would call Batman to your crotch (usually good) whereas the Darkmark panties would imply that Voldemort had visited your underpants and caused massive damage or unpleasantness. My cramps are bad enough, I don't need a dark wizard mucking around in there too!