January 9th, 2006


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Not to take anything away from what may or may not be a ground-breaking, thought-provoking film or whatever, but the whole premise of Brokeback Mountain almost seems like Ang Lee lost a bet or something.

"Ok, Ang, here's the deal. If 'The Incredible Hulk' tanks, your next film has to be about....um, let's see...how about...gay cowboys!"
"You heard me. Gay cowboys. And it has to done seriously. And you can't use no-names. They have to be A-list guys that would be just gullible enough to take a gay cowboy movie seriously."
"Pfff!! Ok, gay cowboys it is. I mean, 'Hulk's' a sure thing, right? Nothing to worry about."

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Answering the hypothetical question nobody ever asked

Different people have different reactions to a CG-rendering of Darth Vader and Jesus Christ racing each other on armadillos. Me? I just sort of...died inside. aardy, though, brought me back to life:

Now they're rounding the turn! Now it's neck & neck! Now it's Fish'n'Loaves! Now it's Heavy Breather! Now it's Fish'n'Loaves! Now it's Heavy Breather! We're coming up on the finish, aaaaaaaaand...

It's Fish'n'Loaves by a thorn! Heavy Breather to Place, and Mad-Cow Moooody to Show.
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Besides, I think Crawford and Schuldich have far too much sense to want to beat up on a criminally insane lunatic with a thing for sharp, pointy objects and their deployment into soft malleable flesh. Simple logic states that's not a good idea, surely?
I want weiss_badfics's babies. XD This was just... brilliant.

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meta-meta before the meta

Locked, QWP, bold mine.

vixenesque93's sister is a little bit funny....and vixenesque93 finds the in-person world's communication methods inferior to LJ.

Her:  "Two copies-two copies of everything.  It's like Noah's Ark, only they're identical.  It's a freaking gay Noah's Ark"

And all I could think was, if that was on Livejournal I would totally metaquote it.

This quote might just implode from the meta-antimeta collision.

Stinkin' context...
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Backyard Drama and Speculation

ursulav has several birdfeeders, and enjoys writing about what happens around them. She also has squirrels and racoons that like to eat out of/destroy her feeders. A small snippet from a whole post full of giggles:
"[T]he squirrels yanked down my suet feeder. I found it, went to reattach it, and discovered to my astonishment that every single link in the chain used to attach it to the nail had been pulled apart. The chain was now a loose series of hooks associating out of habit. I am not sure if this was the result of a year of being hauled on by random animals, or if a particularly OCD squirrel had sat down with the now empty feeder and systematically unmade the chain."
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Winter doldrums bring on the blues...

My good friend bunnygoth is feeling a little low at the moment. Haven't we all felt like this at one time or another?

Dear Self-Esteem:

Please come back. I really love our visits together. Maybe some day we can move in together, perhaps? I know you seem to have a fear of commitment, but I promise I'll treat you well. And if you stay, I won't cry at the slightest hint of rejection or avoidance. See, that would be nice.

Please consider it? Thanx.

- Lisa.

That's all of the post. Still, since there are rules, the original post is here, and though it's not protected, I asked for and got permission anyway.
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