January 8th, 2006

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Become a Minion, and point at Quotes!

The ever-lovable speakerwiggin puts on his pimp hat and sticks on this minion-tastic disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: shipping and handling not included. all rights reserved. amazon is in no way affiliated with javier grillo-marxuach, speaker, javiminions, the kremlin, or the luftwaffe. ESPECIALLY the luftwaffe. we can take no responibility for any injuries incurred from this product. if you get a papercut, you'll just have to pay you own damned (darned) medical bills. any likeness to anyone real, fictional, dead, undead, jingoistic, or mesomorphic is strictly because we were drunk and it seemed like a good idea at the time. oh, and of course no talking monkeys or x-box babes were harmed in the making of this trade paperback.


On saving money

besideserato writes on how to save money:
Also: eat at home or at a deli before you get to the club. Those little goat cheese wontons really add up. And if you’re gonna get belligerent and puke it up anyway, who cares if it’s a Jumbo Jack instead?

More good tips on saving money to be found here.

Weather Report

Today's Weather Channel page warns of nuisance precipitation. What the hell is nuisance precipitation? Is it raining tiny Gilbert Gottfrieds and little bitty Rik Mayalls that all go "nyah nyah nyah" at you as they fall?

Quoted with indigoskynet's permission. Orignal post here. Hopefully you will find this paragraph equally amusing as I found it.
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dead duck

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QWP. In response to following a link to a particulary bad fic that I posted in a flocked entry in my LJ, criminalwisdom has this to say:

I couldn't even force myself to read past the first paragraph. When I was reading it along in my head I sounded illiterate. No one should have to sound like they can't read just because someone else can't write.

(no subject)

From loveanddarkness in response to this thread :</span>

I hate those fucking bugs. They're insolent as hell. You hear something in the middle of the night, get up to explore, and they're standing there, wearing sunglasses and smoking an unfiltered Camel, with your fridge door open, saying "Where's the beer, bitch?"

QWP. Edit: Thanks for the help, I've never been good at html. @_@
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On sinuses and Lovecraft

From rushthatspeaks here.

Have horrible case of Lovecraftian Death Sinus. Will come play in comment thread of previous entry later.

To elaborate: you know how Azathoth, the blind idiot ruler of everything in the universe, is surrounded by hideously malific and misshapen crawling chaos-laden flute-players and drummers who sekritly manipulate everything into coming closer and closer to the dark event horizon of amorphous and terrible horrors what we wot not of and the deep truths about the nature of reality that would crush us all like little squeaking fruit bats?

Those flute players are making an album in my sinuses. They are covering 'Stairway to Heaven'.

I can't tell whether I need a physician or an exorcist.