January 5th, 2006

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This post about slashiness reminded me of another fabulous quote found by my buddy davidhearne. He says:
This article on Brokeback Mountain provides this memorable line --

"The young ladies who are fans of Gyllenhaal and Ledger do not want to see them making out."



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Puny LJ, Hulk post!

In a recent post by cloudeagle, scroll down to find

Life lessons learned from playing The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

which includes:

"You know the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? Who have heartwarming tales while sharing a pair of pants that makes the wearer's butt look great no matter their body type? I think the Hulk's a member of that. Because no matter what he or his alter ego Bruce Banner does -- cause a smallish skyscraper to collapse around him, get hit by a rocket, gain 800 pounds in 10 seconds -- his pants always look great. I wonder what heartwarming tales the Hulk could share?"

I also have a fondness for

"With a hefty girder and the proper swing, you can grant a lucky soldier the enduring human dream of unassisted flight for 350 yards or so."

...but that's just me.

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Windows XP, Toaster Edition

Some great troubleshooting threads come off of hiroe's comment to a post that ribs yet another eljay user who confused techsupport with tech_support. Always pays to read the userinfo!!

QWP and here's the context

"I just installed Windows on my toaster, but it keeps rejecting the bread. Any ideas?"

It's not really the quote itself, but everyone (including myself, sorry folks) gets in on the action offering advice. Some examples:

dog_star_man: It's set to "bagel". Reboot

wyrdrune: Hi Hiroe, this is a common problem.

Did you install the latest patch to the TCPIP (Toaster Communications Protocol Interface Port) driver? If not, then you'll find this symptom quite frequently. The latest patch can be downloaded from the usual places.

Hope that helps.

kuang: I had the same problem, and discovered it was caused by fragmentation. Then I found the little tray underneath and emptied it, and it's fine now.
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syrup is murder!

In this entry, which is mostly about painting penis-shaped rocks, ursulav contemplates waffle toppings through the imagery of Dungeons & Dragons:
Discussions with friends of maple-scented thingies somehow led to the question of whether or not maple trees have dryads and whether they object to being bled for maple syrup, and then to my having a horrible RPG campaign idea where PCs are hired by a corrupt confectionery industry to go forth and slay maple dryads for the annual Waffle Festival. You could get a really grisly and surreal scene of captive dryads being bled, like bears for bile, but for tasty waffle toppings! And then the PCs must save the poor tormented syrup dryads, depending on the moral leanings of the party in question.

This also led to the question of whether dryads into body-modification would bonsai themselves, but that may be beyond the scope of my brain at this hour.
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In a discussion about RPG characters who refuse to interact with the other PCs and won't stay with the party, the lovely and talented amethystjade offers this solution:

"Your character is eaten by a wandering grizzly. Roll up a new one, and be warned: I have infinite grizzlies at my disposal."

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From silver_whisper, aptly titled 'Dump & Poof'

slvrwhispr: I am being baffled by this breadmaker.
chaosfae13: lol
slvrwhispr:I have no idea what it's doing. Perhaps if I understood the mechanics of breadmaking without the breadmaker...
slvrwhispr:But like. I don't know if what is happening is what is supposed to be happening.
chaosfae13: um arnt you supposed to be able to dump everything in and turn it on and POOF it be done?
slvrwhispr:Oh, that's the theory.
slvrwhispr:But there's a period of time between the dumping and the poofing, and I'm not sure what's supposed to happen to make the dump turn into poof.
chaosfae13: it mixes everything.. lets it rise and then bakes it
slvrwhispr:Right now, there's a ball of dump. It doesn't look terribly poof. But there's still an hour and a half to go.
slvrwhispr:I'm just very concerned that my dump won't turn into poof.
chaosfae13:thats why you're not supposed to watch it... you're supposed to leave it be... if you watch it it gets selfconscious and wont do it out of spite
slvrwhispr: Oh man. My dump's not going to poof. It hates me.

Edit: Knew I forgot something. QWP from the locked entry here
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