January 3rd, 2006

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From phonographgirl;

(From a Friends Only post... quoted with permission)

Here's the link to actual post... though it's friends only so... Carly/Cat.

Carly Simon wrote "Anticipation" (1971) about love interest Cat Stevens.

Okay, can you imagine what beautiful music they would have made together?!?

And the conversations they'd have.

"Carly, where the hell is the Peace Train?!"

"Well, Cat, I'm sorry, but this Anticipation is making me wait."

"I have a date for tea with the tillerman in ten minutes, Carly!"

"What are you getting snippy about? Last week you told me you'd love me until snowmen sleep in the sea."

"Yeah, and until my body turns into an old man, blah, blah, blah."

"You're so vain!"

*disgusted look*

"Oh, so very young."

I love it when she fangirls over music...

my heart belongs...

Alexander Needs Dinosaurs!

spectacular sums up Alexander:

Thus far:

FORESHADOWING: You are going to do your mother, Alexander. AND EVERYONE ELSE IN THE KINGDOM.



Then, in the comments:

vikingcarrot: This must be why I haven't seen that movie. XD
spectacular: It is difficult to suffer through, without the dinosaurs, but I am managing it.
vikingcarrot: I can certainly see how dinosaurs could improve the proceedings.
timebomb: Can the dinosaurs have really bad accents too??
lepapillon: I think adding dinosaurs to a lot of things would really spice them up. Movies, tv shows, parks, the work environment. It all needs dinosaurs.

There is no context. The entry is here.
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misc -- scar.jo

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[QWP] In a locked post at iconrants, keleri asks:

"Isn't that something you're absolutely not supposed to do in art (unless you know what you're doing and do it anyway), cut something off or put a little bit of something else in along with the subject? And, oh god, correct me if I'm wrong, I mean, countdown to wankery in 3, 2, 1, but wasn't that what was always wrong with Hitler's paintings or something? AHHPLEASEDON'THURTME"

to which mightygodking answers,

"Kind of. It went something like this.

HITLER: Here is my final application piece, Herr Art Judge.
ART JUDGE: Mr. Hitler, I must say, your overall talent is good enough that - wait, what's that little thing in the corner there?
HITLER: That's part of the art.
ART JUDGE: But it's so tiny. I can't read it.
HITLER: Well, you're not supposed to be able to.
ART JUDGE: That's really fucking annoying.
HITLER: Well, I was trying to comment on -
ART JUDGE: Wait, I think I can make out this part. "Death to the pews." ...that doesn't even make sense!
HITLER: No, but -
ART JUDGE: You know what? Screw you, Hitler. You'll never make it as an artist. "Death to the pews." Fucking Dadaist.

The moral of the story, I think, is obvious."
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why do you hate us so much?
  • chaya

Somehow this all started from Coldplay-bashing.

gilmoure: Heh, commercial music sucks. I only buy from bar bands.
gimp_bizkit: My favorite CDs (besides 1 or 2) I got for $3-$7 from local college or bar bands.
telepathicbotox: Oh yeah? Well I only listen to bands who only played one concert!
More than one show and they're a fucking sellout.
kafziel: So, you're saying you like your music corporatized enough to put together a concert?
Feh. If it's not performed by random strangers I forced into my basement at gunpoint, it's just too commercial.

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Manly choices

QWP from max_bialystok here:
I am beginning to understand that my cross-dressing, and wherever else it leads to is (for me at least) normal. When I was in "The Cabin" and made the choices I did it was because of who I am. Thinking about it, I realize that no, the majority of men would not have decided to do what I did. Some might have sniffed glue, others smoke, others grabbed a shotgun and gone a huntin' Bambi. Still others might have done any of the aforementioned things and cross-dressed anyway.
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frostiana has had a bad night

found this over in customers_suck
though why anyone here would need a link,I dunno.

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not hold up my line counting out ninety-eight cents in change. I DO NOT CARE if you want to get rid of all your pennies. That DOES ME NO GOOD. If it is over fifty cents, why even bother to count it out? WHY?

I see that you have your Kroger plus card. You do not need to hold it DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF MY FACE whilst I scan your items. I SEE IT THERE."

and also

"If something is on sale, and you don't see the markdown on the screen the MINUTE I scan it--it's okay. THAT IS NOT CAUSE FOR ALARM. No need to ask me: "But I thought those cans of peas were supposed to be 5 for $5?????

The entire post is hilarious though.