January 2nd, 2006

my alter ego

Weep for the future

From woshad 's LJ:

I was in the Men's bathroom in the library of the local junior college, when it was my total misfortune to gaze upon the worst graffiti EVER.

and I quote

"Your gay"

followed by a response of

"so do you"

How these people could even clutch pens in their hands is beyond me.


On Country Abbreviations

sorairo_laina learns why certain country name abbreviations should never be made. From this locked post, QWP.

Mom and I were looking at a map of Europe online because she was trying to get a sense of where the cities in Ukraine are, and where Ukraine is in relation to other countries. And...I spot this smallish country at the bottom, and it's not named. Finally, Mom points out the name in a side column along with the others: Serbia and Montenegro. Obviously too long to put on the map. So I ask, "Why don't they just write 'S and M'?"

It took no more than a second for both of us to start cracking up. Maybe that would be a bad idea for a name...XDDD
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