January 1st, 2006


X marks the spot.

nevacaruso  talks about the characterisation of Scott Summers (a.k.a. Cyclops) from the WB cartoon X-Men: Evolution.

Scott. At first I thought of him as the oppressive stick-in-the-mud who went into paroxysms at the thought of anyone breaking the rules, but as I saw more of the show, and especially from working with him in fic, I started to gain more sympathy and appreciation for him. Poor Scooter has to deal with a lot, from supervillains to an uncontrollable mutation to the Love Polygon from Hell to possibly being mind-controlled by his mentor. His insecurities, jealousy, stubbornness, and posturing are very teenage and very human, but he tries his best to surmount them in order to be a good leader. The X-Men are pretty literally all he has - of course he’s going to do his damned hardest to keep them together and their road smooth.

The rest of her musings on XME (amongst other things) can be found here.

Ending the year with .... a bang?

When I saw that alpha_strike was posting that 2005 Meme that's going all over my friends list, I somehow knew right away that his would march to a slightly different drummer. I was so right. And #27 clinched it for me. From a locked post, quoted with permission...

27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
My guitar. It was in the closet behind my rifles the whole time.
deelieboppers sharpened

Once the octopuses get MIT, it's all over.

Once the octopuses get MIT, it's all over. On the other hand, they'll also get Logan Airport, which should slow them down some. . . 'I dunno, man, I went to this place near the shore, and I was stuck there for six freakin' hours. . . '"

xiphias, talking about a conversation with his parents about how Intelligent Design fits if you assume that HUMANS aren't the creature that was designed. "So, all you need is to think of a creature without joints, without teeth, and whose eyes don't grow from their optic nerves, but are intelligent and have the ability to use tools. . . "

And a Happy Arbitrary Date In Time Day to you too!!

emsy on the commemoration of annual milestones:

We have changes in the way of a New Year on a very frequent basis, but the more often we see them the less exciting they are. Millenniums (millennia?), for example, are celebrated for about a year as we only see them once every thousand years and, chances are, we're not going to be around for the next one. And even if I *was* around for the next one, I shouldn't think I'd be in any condition for all out partying.Years we only see...well, once a year oddly enough, so it's enough to make a song and dance about them. We only see them as often as birthdays and Christmas, and we make enough hoo-hah about those. Months, we usually go 'Ah, another month, well whaddya know.' Weeks are greeting by a 'Sod it it's Monday again' and days appear with a hand reaching out from the duvet and smacking the alarm clock. I think I'm going to start making New Hour's Resolutions. 'In this hour I will make a cup of tea and not kill anyone.'
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