December 31st, 2005


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The always-awesome ursulav comments on the term "blogosphere":

This always reminds me of bathospheres. I imagine people in little iron balls, sinking into the dark waters of Livejournal, peering out at the drifting inhabitants. "Ooo! An angstfish! Note the pity lure dangling from the front of the head, with which it lures in unwitting sympathizers!" Darting shoals of quiz results flicker past, a lone phosphorescent photosquid slowly jets by, before it's startled into voiding its link sac and vanishing in a cloud of little broken picture icons. Off in the distance, great shadowy sharks cruise, discussing politics and religion and making elaborate qualifiers that they don't mean YOU, you're one of the NICE ONES, while tiny remoras slip along their skins, picking off bits of drama. Jacques Cousteau narrates as we visit this deep and complex ecosystem.
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While discussing the desire of Americans to get drunk on New Years' Eve, my friend from England stated:

"New Year's, is just another excuse for people to get drunk.
Isn't St. Patrick's Day enough for you people?"

--QWP fromvallelyc, here
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Heh. I joined the comm just to quote this.

My good friend and fellow anime fan geoduck, here.

"Heh heh heh. Silly arcitaka. He's trying to set up his DDR computer, and he's missing an S-Video to RCA converter. Each time he finds one that he thinks will work, he finds out that he's trying to attach two "male" ends. "Be gay!" he yells at them fruitlessly.

My brother has invented electrical component yaoi."
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Not quite what she expected...

From bad_sex, QWP - written by btrflysgrbaby, post here (protected post). Btfflysgrbaby explains that she and her husband felt the urgent need to do what couples do, and...:

Basking in the afterglow, my husband mentions how infinitely lucky he is because he has me. I ask him to elaborate... "You're gorgeous and curvy and sexy and you have skills..." "Mmmmm, skills? What skills might you be referring to?" I was obviously looking for praise of my sexual prowess. Didn't get that.

"Oh, you have numchuck skills, bow-staff skills..."
Grey Wolf

Holy Son of God, BatJesus!

Over at scans_daily, our friend teh_no had a revelation of the comic-book kind

Matthew: Holy fallen angel, Jesus! It's Satan, that dastardly devil.

Satan: Bwahahaha! What's big and mean and stands as an eternal chasm between Man and God?

Matthew: Sin!

Jesus: Right you are, old chum. And since the wages of sin is death, every last man, woman, and child on earth is doomed!

Matthew: Some days you just can't get rid of a sin. Satan, you are not a nice person!

Jesus: But wait... maybe... if I were to die for their sins... they just might have a chance!

Satan: Curses, foiled again! I'll get you next time, Jesus! This isn't over!

Jesus: Yes it is, diabolical fiend. For whoever believes in me shall not perish, but shall have ever-lasting life.

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epiclevelregina makes some New Year's Resolutions:
In 2006, I resolve to:

shoot my cholesterol level up 100 points, drive around with my emergency break on all the time, destroy every book I get my hands on that isn't written by Silver Ravenwolf, tithe regularly to Jerry Falwell, use the rest of my money to buy clothing at Abercrombie & Fitch, get a really annoying tattoo ("The tattoo artist said that it's Japanese for 'Juggalette forever!' LOL!"), flash the guys at the grease trucks for free fat sandwiches, develop a cocaine habit, set an art museum on fire, estrange everybody who's ever cared about me, and spend all my free time watching reality tv shows.

Especially Blowout.

QWP from
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megiloth: Personally I think the evolutionists have more faith than me (I believe in the creation) in regards to "things" just happening and voila, here we are.

i_muad_dib: that would be because you have no actual understanding of evolution and therefore your tinny brain defaults to "duuuuurh Gawd".

Sweet, sweet context.