December 26th, 2005


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In customers_suck, wolfychan tells us about being a video editor:

Dear Clients,

Editing means that I take the footage on your tapes and cut it together. That's all I can do. I cannot erase the microphone that's in frame in half your shots. I cannot bring out-of-focus shots into focus. I cannot make things shrouded in darkness visible. Yes, there's an artistic aspect to editing, and certain flaws can be hidden, but.... God damn it, I'm not some magical tiki god who can turn Friskies into foie gras. It doesn't work like that.

If you bring me a scratchy low-quality tape of awkward acting, ugly sets, sloppy scripting, amateur camerawork, and horrible lighting, you know what you'll get back? A scratchy low-quality final cut of a crappy show. Because much as I like to pretend otherwise when I'm in the bath, I AM NOT GOD.

I think the worst case I ever had of this was where a client turned in a show in which several of the female actors were... physically ungifted, shall we say. Then complained because I'd "made his actresses look ugly." Um, mister? That's not an editing issue. That's a flippin' genetics issue. Go take it up with their parents.
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In a locked post, QWP, dark_princess19 says:

So as I was sitting here sipping my alcohol (omgillegal), I had an epiphany.

Ugly people have sex, too.

BAM. Take that, Hollywood! Your glamorized, embellished, shiny image of sex has been tainted forever. Seriously, I don't think I've stumbled upon anything this profound.

That's all the context there is.
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NEWS OF 2010:

Google announces launch of Google Life Search Beta, new technology that will enable users to look for anything at all - from the homework that the dog ate to the sock that disappeared in the dryer.

Users will be able to view a Cache, or reproduction, of the lost object in case the original is irreplaceable. They will also be able to search for items not belonging to themselves in their general vicinity and send it via Lost Item Messenger to its rightful owner.

Planned additions include the ability to search through human memory, as well as searching for items such as Sanity, Dignity, and Sense, as well as Love Of My Life and Dream Job.

Interested beta testers will need to obtain a certain code from other beta testers, usually a random unpaired Lost Dryer Sock. It is not clear when Google Life Search will come out of beta status and be open to all.

From divabat,here, in reply to people talking about trying to use google to find things they lost.
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Oldie but goodie..

I had read an interesting article and posted the question:
Try this thought experiment. A fire breaks out in a fertility clinic and you have a choice: You can save a three-year-old child or a Petri dish containing 10 seven-day old embryos. Which do you choose to rescue?

My flock'd-up flist came to the rescue!

sparrow77: Well the petri dish, obviously. I mean, the three year old is already alive, she can fend for herself!
botia: And she better get a damn job while she's at it!
rvdammit: New job: Petri Dish Carrier
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Two posts have been deleted now with the meta-meta-meta about Paris Hilton and plushies. Please, please don't post it again. On a more general note, please don't, as a general rule, post meta-meta-metas at all. To paraphrase the immortal words of velocityboy, True Believers read the comments and don't need Cliff Notes for metaquotes.
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duffnstuff is spending her first Christmas in the US:

So while I miss my family and love them dearly, I miss the chaos more. As it turns out, it's just not Christmas without A) Someone getting shot. B) Someone getting drunk and setting fire to something. C) Someone punching someone else. D) A beloved family pet having their appearance drastically altered.
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Things to do on tuesdays

leikomgwtfbbq rants:

While we're at it, can the poor girl have something to do outside of fighting? In most fics I read, it either centers around romance or fighting A New Enemy (or an old one, resurrected). She can go play checkers in the park, or go dancing, work at a coffee shop, bungee jump off Tokyo Tower, display her cooter at traffic on Tuesdays, something.