December 24th, 2005

Furry Computer Mice

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Well, from the brilliant mind of hakeber comes this thought for the day:

Ok, I happen to have a pregnant lady on my flist who is down to her last two months (and just got told she has gestational diabetes). To cheer her up, I pointed out there wasn't much out there more dangerous than a pissed off pregnant lady. So daddies, which would you rather get trapped with, a tiger or a pissed off pregnant lady? I say the tiger is less dangerous.
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Anarchist, MatGB
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Plush Frank

In suggestions, adiferentnormal suggests a technical improvement LJ could make:

Plush frank

Short, concise description of the idea
a stuffed animal version of Frank the goat for sale in the gift shop

Collapse )An ordered list of benefits
  • It would be cute sitting upon my desk.
  • It would deepen my connection to the livejournal community.
  • I could dress it up.
  • It would be cute sitting upon my desk.
  • It could spur random conversations about lj.
  • It would be cute.
  • I could hug him, and squeeze him, and never let him go.
Collapse )
Now I think that's a damn fine idea...
More Coffee!

I see pretzels ...

julieisfree notice something while holiday shopping :

I glanced over at the "Personal Improvement" section (books on sex), and noticed a book entitled "Tatric Sex for Idiots." First thing that occurred to me (right after what the heck is tantric sex), was who would want to have any kind of sex with an idiot? The second thing that occurred to me, was how many people bought that book for their significant other (here dear, a sex book for idiots!). I can't imagine a better gift to stoke those home fires. :-P

QWP, that's pretty much the entire post found here in the second entry of the day.
springtime the pony

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conuly, here:

Me: Hey, mommy?
Mommy: Yes?
Me: Does this sound strange to you? "Holy infant, so tender and mild"? I mean it's -
Mommy: Coook at 350 degrees! Baste occasionally!
Me: Exactly. "We're all going to hellllll!"
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gogogidget went to church.

Dear Pastor:

You are not being OMG!OPRESSED by heathens who want to say "Happy Holidays," instead of "Merry Christmas," you fuckwit. Quit acting as if someone in a blue Wal*Mart vest decapitated Magic Baby Jesus, stuck his soft skulled head on a pike, and then ripped out Mary's Holy Placenta and ate it raw. Because they didn't.

Even better than that, she goes on to say, "Your Oppression is Pasted on, Yeye."
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