December 22nd, 2005

Aziraphale & Crowley - Black and White

Meta-meta, QWP

Said by sadasi here.

An LJ Drama Song

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drama drama wank

I was once a newbie
I lived in a hole
but I never saw the way
the fen could spam a troll
I was thought to be years dead
but I came back later
and now listen, little child
to the moderator

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a drama drama wank

is that how it’s archived?
is that your OTP??!
haz my hed been pastede on?
El-Jay oh-em-gee
now my song is getting thin
I think my ship just sank
time for me to surf the net
and go have a wank
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My buddy mark_o_rama, after ranting about Ann Coulter's latest column, used a nice analogy to sum up the last five years of our government's actions... (from a locked post, QWP)

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Keep in mind it's just opinion and posted for the sake of the humor. No attempts at starting political flame wars are intended.

ETA: [Insert complaint about long political threads instead of the normal meta humor which will inevitably cause more comments to flood my inbox.]
Red Rose Teacup


In the comments in this post about "The War on Christmas", genepool23 broke it down for us:

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I laughed. I cried. It was better than "Cats".

Edit: genepool23 is not a wackjob, as s/he believes it comes across without context. So. Read the context. genepool23 is making an excellent point. (but I don't know how to link it directly to the comment itself, so you'll have to do a bunch of scrolling - sorry)

Edited one more time for full clarity...and because I'm a failure at this...
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(no subject)

Watch out for karjack. She bites hard.

Maybe we are outnumbered and there's no hope. Many of us are disheartened, wounded, and the odds seem insurmountable. Is there any place in this world for compassion and unity? I don't know. What I do know is that if I'm doomed anyway, I'd rather fight with every ounce of strength I have left so that when the fossilized femur of my enemy is dug up millennia from now, some alien archeologist is going to see my teeth marks there and think wow, I sure wouldn't have wanted to mess with that one.

Context is for people who want to read it. Hurrah!

It is, in my opinion, a good essay. It would be awesome if you read it, because I liked it. And stuff.
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Drama Drama...

In this post in feminist:

fierceawakening: Am I the only one...
...who finds the phrase "Save the drama for your mama" a little sketchy from a feminist standpoint? It just rubs me the wrong way. Neither women in general nor mothers exist to pick up after other people's emotional messes.

bubu_kittyfuck: I always thought it was because "drama" and "mama" rhyme.

xmorningxrosex: If that's the only reason, I think we should all be saying "Save the drama for your llama" from now on. ;)

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On the bbcnewsworld feed, Saddam Hussein's allegation that he was tortured while in US custody was being discussed:

bery: It's a code. He's saying that they took away his Dorito privileges.

oniugnip: I for one would complain very loudly without my Dorito Privileges.

And that's why I always carry the Dorito Privileges Plus Club Member Card.

Sign up now for a Dorito Privileges Plus Club Member Card Club Membership -- the abstract relationship between you, the discerning Dorito Privileges Plus Club Member Card Club Member, and the organization, the Dorito Priviliges Plus Club Member Card Club, as represented by the thing you carry around in your wallet, the Dorito Privileges Plus Club Member Card. It entitles you to all the benefits and privileges enjoyed by Dorito Privileges Plus Club Member Card Club Members -- like Doritos! And membership in the Dorito Privileges Plus Club Member Card Club! Which are definitely both things to which you want to be entitled!

Don't leave home without it!!
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