December 21st, 2005


From a locked post, with permission.

undeadgoat takes issue with my greeting-card practices. I may be an Internet stalker, but it's still my birthday!

I have decided that sea_of_tethys is totally a creepy stalker. I just got her Holiday card, and a lovely one it is (my brother asked if it was from France because it says "Air Mail par avion" and me and my mom were like no, they have English and French no matter where you send it from), and ANYWAYS, she has no return address, and the postmark was incredibly faint, and I couldn't even tell what country the stamp was from, AND THEN she doesn't even sign it with her real name! Like, can you say scary old man of the internet coming to rape people in the night? Girly handwriting notwithstanding . . .

Ooh, and happy birthday, sea_of_tethys!

Bulk lip gloss ftw.

chibikaijuu is amused by The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe bulk lip gloss tie-ins.

"Upon inspection of ingredients, it appears that they're actually the same two flavors in different packaging, but since it came to less than a dollar per stick, it amuses me rather than annoys me. What annoys me is: where are Susan and Edmund? And Aslan? Where is my lion!Jesus to smear on my lips?


Open post, QWP, right here
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lets be friends. no!

vocab discussion

Comments in this post at scans_daily .

joshiebear :  I dunno, I think that Fury and Iron Man are still pretty cool in this title. I love the title, but I see your point. people are quite douche-baggery.

vrbtm :  douchebaggery is the act of being a douchebag.

douchebag-esque is the quality of being a douchebag.

people are quite douchbagesque.

joshiebear :  It seems that I stand uber-corrected. *bows*

vrbtm :  Your humility is a fine example of counterdouchebaggery, an honorable trait.

sailor kiss

Neil Gaiman did it again.

The "why this is not an activist decision by an activist judge" bit on page 137 is terrific, although you're best off getting there the hard way, starting at page 1, including slogging through the appalling behaviour of the people on the School Board who started it, who, despite feeling it was important to expell Darwin (and Darwin's finches) and get the Old Testament God back in the classroom, had somehow managed to fail to realise that any of that stuff in the Bible about bearing false witness applied to them.

Context? Well, there's isn't much context.
[etc] former first lady.

she sounds like samuel l. jackson in my head.

VP Cheney cast the deciding vote on the Senate measure to cut the deficit by cutting federal aid programs. amberlynne has a little something to say about it:
Senate OK's bill to cut deficit with Cheney's help
VP casts tie-breaking vote on legislation that will reduce benefit programs

The Republican-controlled Senate passed legislation to cut federal deficits by $39.7 billion on Wednesday by the narrowest of margins, 51-50, with Vice President Dick Cheney casting the deciding vote.

The measure, the product of a year's labors by the White House and congressional Republicans, imposes the first restraints in nearly a decade of federal benefit programs such as Medicaid, Medicare and student loans.

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Word, sister.

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My friend hail_atlantis watches "House":

Also, I can totally see where all the fangirls are getting the whole "House loves Wilson. He looooooooves him" thing from. The writers are pretty blatant about it. I can't stop thinking of Wilson as That Kid From Dead Poets' Society though. You might know how I feel about that movie. I'd like to see an episode where Robin Williams comes in with a boot mysteriously lodged up his butt, and Wilson goes to House crying, "That's the teacher who nearly ruined my medical career by trying to make me be an actor!" And then they make out under a desk.
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"I was walking backwards all day yesterday, and everything was going fine until some stupid middle-aged man on a scooter crashed into me, causing me to fall and fracture my shin. It was worth it, though. The world is so much more interesting backwards. Next time I'll try walking around on my hands."
quixoticsailor, here
Talk to the hand
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abominablein a public entry about his/my school.

Advisory is like homeroom.

I was sitting in the B-Wing hallway during my morning open and Ms Puglia was talking to some random student for cutting or whatever. Well, the conversation between them went something like this (in a very summarized way):

Vice Principal: You cut advisory.
Some Freshman: I don't need to go there. I got it covered.
Vice Principal: It's not an option. Every student in BHS needs to go.
Some Freshman: Seriously, yo. I know what I'm doing.
Vice Principal: It's not your choice.
Some Freshman: Why you gangin' up on me? Cuz I'm black?
Vice Principal: No!
Some Freshman: This goddamned town is all out to get me.

You can't play the race card when you cut, dumbass. Well, I just got up and left behind a corner so I could laugh my ass off. I didn't know that people still thought like that after 40 years of civil rights. You're stereotyping your own race you silly boy you.

we have a very diverse school, or at least an accepting one, there are a lot of stupid people in that building though, of all races.
Kristen squee

No, no, the black and white means the tv's broken!

simplybeing's son saw the original "Miracle on 34th Street". Flocked post, QWP.

Me: Um... and this made it more exciting?
J.: YES!
Me: Why?
Me: You'd never seen the black and white version before?
J.: No! [pause] Wait, you've seen the black and white version? I thought it was new.
Me: o_O

I have failed as a mother.

This is my second metaquote, and funnily enough, the other was simplybeing too. Well, she is hilarious.
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Happy Hannukah!

cambler, in a locked post in an adult photo community, gives us a picture of a delightful young lady and a candle. He writes "Remember, I'm the Jew - she's not. So nobody tell her that it's not a Jewish tradition that the candle be lit on the first night by a nude woman. Because if she finds out that's not true, it's all over."

Quoted with permission, of course.

Edited to add: The quotation, the picture, and the subsequent discussion about the colour of the candles are available to public view in his own journal.
Doctor Who - Animated Angel
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From a locked entry on lookingforwater's journal, quoted with permission:

I'm beginning to think people are stupid and hateful simply because being smart and trying to step into someone else's shoes takes too much effort. Which is odd, because I am most lazy. And, I mean, hey - "Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way you're a mile away from him and you have his shoes." A girl can never have too many shoes.

Brought to you by the letter R, the number 3, and the Oxford comma

QWP from exlibris11235, in this post.
I've walked by this woman's cubicle several times now, and every time something she's had written on her dry erase board has struck me:

"To my parents, Ayn Rand and God"

Your parents were Ayn Rand and God? So the reason Ayn Rand was an atheist was because God ran off with that tramp C.S. Lewis and was always delinquent with the child support and alimony? I guess I'd have a hard time believing in a guy that did that to me, too.

I know we have a diverse group here at my company, but I didn't think I was working with Jesus' baby sister and the heir to the Objectivist empire. I'm not sure if that makes us more specialer or not.
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unIntellegent Design.

Quoted from a debate post about the recent court decision about teaching Intelligent Design in schools:

The only research that could be done to prove ID valid is if God came down from heaven above, said in a voice that made the earth shake "Ya'll my bitches" and someone decided to make sure it wasn't the drinking water that was Collapse ) us up.
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