December 17th, 2005

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neverreal considers famous holiday songs. F-locked, QWP.

"And there won't be snow in Africa this Christmastime
The greatest gift they'll get this year is life(Oooh)

i'm not sure, you know, that's a bad thing, right. it's not meant to snow in africa. they would probably die of hypothermia if it did snow. that would be bad. and i wonder if most of them celebrate christmas. i mean, i know, like, that a lot of them are starving and stuff and don't have money, etc, but i mean, is it in their religion to celebrate it? maybe they should have thought about that before they wrote the song, huh?"
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fanficrants is love

In the middleof a short essay on Why Writers Need Betas. quettaser (QWP) makes a funny metaphor:

Writing is communicating.

If your message gets lost due to something easily fixed or if you have no message at all, you're not using this wonderful tool to it's full capacity. And really, all of us as Person A's (writers) are here because writing is our strongest (or one of the stronger) vehicle and having spent so much time learning how to use the tool, it's much like a lumberjack who has spent years learning how to cut down a tree just so, who then watches some guy start up a chainsaw and rip into the nearest trunk, regardless of where the hell that tree is going to fall.

In other words, it hurts us, precioussss.
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A useful life skill. . .

From annie306, here.

On the way out of work last night, a 4 foot boy, weighing in at about 300 lbs, drove by on a motoroized scooter. He was driving down the road the wrong way.

I think I'm the first person to ever flip someone off using the wrong finger. After angering me to the point of no return (a very rare occurence), I intended to raise my middle finger to this young man, in an attempt to gain some sort of intimidating factor. I got so flustered, because of how little I actually do this, that I may or may not have accidentally raised my ring finger. When laughter errupted from this pathetic child's mouth, I realized something had gone terribly wrong. Much to my amazement, my middle finger was not where it should be, raised and ready, but instead curled down with the rest of my phalanges. What an idiot

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"Hold Up!"

fox1013 is very upset at the people dissing Michelle Williams for her Golden Globe nomination for Brokeback Mountain. So she posted this charming missive.

Posted here with permission.

Dear All of Fandom (inclusive):

I understand your need to slag on Michelle Williams, or shower her with the backhanded compliment of "It's amazing that someone from THAT SHOW is good at anything!". After all, she was on Dawson's Creek for six years, from the time she was seventeen and wee. It is natural that she deserves your harsh judgment on account of being in the Gay Cowboy Movie and actually not sucking like you'd expected her to.

However, in that mindset, I would like to remind you of other things which you should be surprised at:

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Cheesiness aplenty

THe dear dee_emm is visiting relatives in Taiwan and has Interesting Times...


By the way! I have a story to share with you all. The other day, I was in this fancy Italian/French restaurant (where I had Escargot, but that's another story) and so they had fancy English under the usual Chinese names. They're pretty accurate, until I read about desserts. Under the Chinese for cheesecake, was the English word, "Wikipedia".

I shit you not.


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nicklocking waxes lyrical on Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe

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my compadre de_wynken about a bar fight he almost got into:

"You wanna go?!" Looks me up and down "You ain' ain't" I think at that point he realized I had like 60 lbs, 3 inches, and lot more Irish in me then he did.